We Don't Need Daddy (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Louis and Eleanor had the perfect relationship where everyone envied their love. They were the happiest people on the planet when they were around each other. But things drastically change when Eleanor gets pregnant with Louis' child.
She plans to tell Louis about their child on their 3 year anniversary but what if everything doesn't go as planned?
What if Louis doesn't give her a chance to disclose the news and kicks her out of the apartment because of a misunderstanding?
They wish to never see each other's face ever in their existence but fate has other plans. What will be their reaction when they meet after two years and a huge secret is revealed?
An Elounor Fanfic...
Larry shippers please don't read it if u wanna send hate...
All rights reserved


11. Finishing What Was Started...

Eleanor's P.O.V.

"Elie! Elie!"

"Stop shouting my name Millie! I'm coming!" I yelled at the little brat who was finding it next to impossible to keep her mouth zipped for a moment.

Wiping my hands on the towel lying on the kitchen counter, I walked out of the suffocating place to listen to whatever nonsense she had to say. This was the third time she was calling me. The first time was to tell me that she had to pee. The stupid girl was wearing a bloody diaper. What was I supposed to do? Collect her precious liquid in my hands and pour it on my head?

The second time was because her Ken wasn't in her reach and I was called to grab the blondie's head, wring it and shove it down the stupid Barbie's throat. Couldn't she just crawl over and pick it up herself?

My whole day was spent in the college, beating my voice box. Getting home so late, sick and tired of working for ages, then getting irritated continuously while attempting to prepare a decent meal can easily agitate one's inner hulk, enough for it to make an appearance.

"I swear upon God Millie, if this time its something useless, you are going out of the window." I yelled exasperatedly. What I didn't expect was a very amused looking Travis holding a wide eyed Millie in his arms.

This was the first time I was seeing him after our... that moment. I had been ignoring him completely to avoid awkwardness that was prone too make an entry. Guess that was of no use since he didn't hesitate to make an appearance the first chance he got.

"Aren't you the world's best mother?" Travis beamed sarcastically.

"Mommy, Twavis is here." Millie muttered, eyes fixated on the ground.

Yeah! Now I'm the bad guy! Not now, I'm always the bad guy.

Sighing loudly, I plopped lazily on the couch and glared at Travis, muttering an apology to Millie. "Why are you here Travis?"

Feigning hurt, he placed Millie on the couch beside him and clutched a patch of his v-neck near his heart. "You keep breaking my heart into tiny little pieces Elie." He spoke with fake sorrow, wiping imaginary tears.

Sighing for the thousandth time in one day, I rubbed my temples and slumped against the couch. "I'm sorry. I'm just stressed out about everything that's going on and Millie has been eating my brain ever since I came home."

He looked at me thoughtfully, then rose to his feet and took a place next to me on the couch, draping an arm over my shoulder and pulling me closer to him. He hugged me tightly, chin resting on the top of my head.

"You know, I have the perfect way to make you feel better." He said, and even though I couldn't see his face, I could practically feel him smirking.

"And what is that?" I inquired, pulling away just enough for his face to be visible but staying close enough so I was still in his embrace.

"We could definitely finish what we started." He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows. Me cheeks felt like they were on fire as I scurried away from him and his booming laughter. I even heard Millie snickering as I fell from the couch in an attempt of getting as much space between us as possible. Both of them started laughing harder at my fall, making my cheeks turn an even brighter shade of red, if that was even possible.

"Shut up both of you or I'll kick you out of here right now!" I yelled at the two jerks in hysterics.

"Okay, okay! Calm down! No more laughing at you." Travis said, trying to hold his laughter in but failing miserably.

Hmph. It wasn't even funny. I mean, any tomato face can fall from a couch out of embarrassment. No big deal.

"Okay then! Out! Both of you get out right now!" I ordered as I stood up and brushed off invisible dirt from the back of my jeans. Placing my hands on my hips, I glared hard at the two jerks laughing maniacally in front me.

Millie quietened down immediately and Travis just shook his head, still chuckling lightly. "Well, since you're too shy for that, I have another idea. Up for it?"

"What's it now?"

"Okay, so what did a volcano say to the other?" He asked with over excited eyes.

"Ugh... Not again! Your jokes are horrible Travis, please don't try to make my ears bleed." I said, covering my ears dramatically.

"Ha Ha Ha... Oops. Not funny, alright. Just give me the answer." He scowled. He was pretty famous for his Q and A jokes and riddles but he knew that I absolutely hated them. What he didn't know that deep down, I thought they were stupidly awesome.

"Okay, what?"

He snickered and answered,"Do you lava me like I lava you?" With that, he burst out laughing with me just shaking my head at his stupidity and returning to the kitchen so he wouldn't be able to hear my laughter over the chattering of utensils...


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