Hugs, drugs and lies

Tasha is a drug addict and Tony is an alcoholic. Brought together by chance, feelings start to develop between the two. The only thing that stands in the way of their happiness is Tony's relationship status. But he's unwilling to step out of his comfort zone and tell both girls the truth. After all, you can't date two girls at the same time, can you?


3. Chapter two: Tony

I got ready to go back to school on Monday after my third weekly exclusion. Year 11 at Clifton secondary school, specialising in English and ICT. My idea of hell! Most of the students don't like me, except them sad little year 7's who want to get off with me. The teachers definitely don't like me. You'd think after five years at the school that we may have sorted out our problems but if anything, they've got worse over the five years. I don’t know how they expect to earn respect off of people when they are barely able to show you any themselves. I don’t take shit off of no-one.


Why did I get excluded you may ask. Well, I accidentally on – purpose set fire to Mrs Sesay’s trousers. Oops! By the time she put it out you could see her bright pink thong. Not a pretty sight! To be honest, it was an improvement on her tight black trousers which showed off the fact that she has no back-off. Like I mean there are ironing boards with more shape than her. I got immediately excluded. Oh well. I don’t give a damn. I don’t see the point of school. I never learn anything. It's just a huge waste of five years of my life and I'm so glad I can leave at the end of the year. Then I can do something more useful like get a job and earn money; get my own place and eventually, my own family. Dad thought I was still at school this week. Every morning that week I packed my school bag but I put in spare clothes instead of books to change into after I leave the house “for school”. I would put my uniform on but change into my own clothes in the public toilets in town. Dumped my bag in my secret location and spent all day in town, in the park, anywhere basically. Dad is so stupidly blind. Even mum would have worked it out. Well she might have, if she was still here. She is watching me from above, in heaven.

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