I make you stay cause if you go i'm nothing but a goner
(a harry styles dark fanfiction)


1. //chapter1//

I walk to the bathroom step in small shower hot water makes my skin red and my scars are too damn painfull but i cant care less after my fathers death i can barley breathe. i make my way out of the bathroom wearing a black jean and a gray hoodie not bothering to brush my hair i look at the mirror my eyes are lifeless and i look pale but my face is not bothering me right now. it's the picture that has captured my attention in the picture is me laughing with my father. It's just 3 weeks that he's gone and during the time my mom was sleeping with a diffrent guy every night i never had a good relationship withher anyway but now i want to throw up when i see her she's nothing but a whore even when my dad was alive she had slept with a few guys younger than her i leave the room  and i find a guy walking slowly out of our house the blonde guy is humming something to himself ''shit.....shit....fuck....what the hell?'' he lookes angry ''who are you'' i ask with confiusion ''mmm....eermm....me....i'm caleb''he lookes at me and then he blushes ''what are you doing in my hous'' i ask even though i know the answer ''he slept with me'' i look back and i see my mom in nothing but bra and pantie she looks at me and smirks ''you are sleeping with these assholes in dad's bed when it's just 3 weeks that he's gone?'' i say disgusted fighting with my tears not to fall ''problem?''she roles her eyes ''i better go'' blonde guy says i don't even look at him and after a few seconds the front door is sht ''how can you do this?do you even care?he's gone and you don't even wait a bit?'' i'm still trying hard not to cry "he's not gone lisa he's DEAD "she says like it's no big deal "you can't bring random guys in his house every fucking single night"i shout at her"your acting like a whor"as i say she slaps me "who do you think you are since i pay for the bills it'a my house and you dont have right to tell me what to do "she grabs my chin and continues"aww....i know what's your problem it's jus jealousy......your jealous cause you know you can't get the male attention as i do '' i look at her and i can't belive it tears fall down till i can tast them "you are worried to be a virgin for the rest of your life .....huh....that's the reason cause your face is as fucked up as your father"i push her against the wall and i run out of the house it's pouring out side and it easily hide my tears as i sob i keep runnig and my vision is blur i feel a light getting closer i turn around and i see car getting closer to me as fast as possible i cover my face and the car throw me to the ground my vision goes black but i stil can recognize a tall curly figure rinning towrds me "fuck.....are you....." and everything goes black
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