This time im doing it

"Where am I?" Everything around me was dark.. The only sound was my breath.. "Is anyone here" this has to be a dream it can't be real, my mind kept saying to me this was a dream but the more as I walked around it seemed more and more real


1. chapter 1

It was early morning, today was the day I didn't want to ever come. My parents where going to take me to canada... I took my sheet over my head and wished that I just could stay there forever. I was just silent laying there with my thoughts about only him. Yes oh him! William, even his name makes me nerves.. Thinking of him made me enjoy the silence more and more..

"SERENA! TAKE YOUR BAGS OUT NOW!" Then my moms shouting ruined everything.. The 20 second of peace was over.. "SERENA ITS NOW" my mom shouted again.. And ruined the peace again.. I stepped out of my bed took my stuff and got it out in the car.

1 hour later everything was parked and ready. I was now on my way to William. I needed to say goodbye to him. I had always hated the way to Williams house because he lived in the words, but today it seemed even more scary, and the wind around me felt like it try'ed to push me out of the woods, it was like it try'ed to get me away of the woods like something bad would happen if I walked further... "Hello!? Is anyone there? Hello?!" I heard someone running on the leaves and shouted but no one answered me. 10 minutes later I heard the same sound, I looked behind me and used my phone to light up the woods, nothing was to see in the lights so I turned around and walked further into the woods.

Suddenly it got cold and I keeps hearing something behind me but this time I could feel a breath in my neck. I was about to turn around put who ever stood there pushed me to the side and I fell down and down and it felt like it would never stop.. I wS screaming at the same time I was trying to control my breath it was hard and the air around me felt thinner and thinner..

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