My roomate ... Is a bad ass


6. 2

After our day and went straight to my dorm hoping luke wouldn't be there .

I opened it ... THANK GOD HE AINT THERE !!!

I quickly changed

" damn why did you had to change " I heard someone said

I turned and it was luke in shirtless and had a towel wrapped around his waist .

He took a shower

Oh I forgot to mention that in our dorm it has a little kitchen and bathroom .

" Lucas you scared me "

" uhh don't call me by my real name .!"

He whined

" call me Luke or penguin "

" penguin ?"

" yeah I love penguins "

" you little kid "

By now Lucas was in his boxers

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him and we were face to face

" what did you said princess"

" so you're death too ?"

He chuckled

" you're so funny Jen "

" let go of me Lucas "

I said trying to push him but every move he'll bring closer and closer .

" no princess " he smirked

Our faces were too close and he then kissed me .

I didn't fight back . Instead I kissed him back .

He was gently pulling my shirt up until I broke the kiss

" Luke stop "

" what why ?"

" it's late "

" so we have a week before we go to collage "

" I -I just can't do this "

" why princess ?"

" i- I don't know . I'm going to bed . Goodnight "

I went to my bed to sleep . But I felt someone else in my bed .

I turned to see who is was and it was luke

" Luke what are you doing ?"

"Going to sleep "

" go to your bed "

" I don't want to go to my bed ."

" why not ?"

" I want to sleep here , with you "

" well i want to sleep alone "

" well too bad "

I rolled back and like wrapped his arm around my waist and brought me closer to him .

Surprisingly I didn't do anything . I let his arm around my waist .

I felt like I was safe with him somehow .

A/N who else watch amnesia !!! I was crying in and out side !!

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