Inside Out

I killed my best friend. But I didn't mean too. Now I have to leave with my guilt, and it's eating me inside out.


1. Dectective

 I sighed looking at the sun setting over the ocean, "This is beautiful Casey"

Casey looked at me thoughtfully before turning to see the beautiful sight, "You're right, But Olivia,"

I looked at her, She only used my full name in emergencies.

"I came here to confess something" She continued. I looked at Casey wondering what could possibly be wrong.

"The party last Saturday," She bit her lip, and nervously looked down. My stomach dropped to the bottom of my feet, and I had a feeling that this beautiful day would turn horribly tragic, "I don't want to know Casey,"

She looked at me shaking her head, "You need to know this guilt it's eating me inside out,"

I scratched my neck nervously, but let her continue. "After you disappeared Olivia, I got nervous so I walked outside and there was this guy," She looked at me, her big lime eyes, boring in to mine, "He got me a drink, and I'm not sure what happened after that, but I woke up the next morning in a bed and-"

"Congrats Casey, Although I wouldn't expect you to lose your virginity before I did, You're so pure," I laughed. This was the big secret, her losing her virginity?

"No Olivia, Let me finish," Her face flushed pink and her eyes got watery. Once again I got the feeling this wouldn't be the perfect night.

"I don't want to know anything else beyond that Case" I stated quickly.

"But I need to tell you," She paced back and forth, "If I don't tell I think I'm going to kill myself or something"

My eyes widened as I listened to her every word, "Olivia I'm so sorry," She covered her mouth with her hand.

"Babe, It's ok, I forgive you" I wasn't sure what I was forgiving her for, But whatever it was I didn't want to know.

"It was Brandon," She chocked out. I clenched my fist anger taking over me, "But you know How much I like him, We have our first date This Wednesday"

I looked at poor Casey, who was hyperventilating. The poor thing had anxiety attacks like crazy and here I was telling her off.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that Case it was an accident" She looked up at me pure hatred in her eyes, "No it's not you're lying"

I shook my head and walked towards her cautiously. "It's ok I promise"

"No it's not," She yelled, "Kick me, Yell at me or something" She screamed.

I shook my head, "I can't do that"

"Yes you Can!" She screamed Charging at me. She came towards me and pushes me causing me to fall, scraping my face on a nearby rock. I could take anything, but not this. I got up quickly and pushed her back.

This is where we made our mistake. We just kept edging towards the end of the cliff. We continued pushing each other, but we didn't realize our mistake until it was too late. I pushed her one last time and she stumbled and fell straight off the cliff.

"Casey!" I yelled getting on all fours heading towards the edge of the cliff. There she was hanging by on one hand.

"Olivia," She called out.

"Casey, I'm right here babe," I reached my hand out towards her.

"Casey I don't want to die like this," She whispered, latching her hand on to mine.

"I'm not going to let you," I called out, "Give me your other hand Casey"

I inched forward, daring to look down at her other hand. There it was, although I could barely make it out because of all the blood.

I swallowed slowly taking a deep breathe. I pulled with all my might and was able to get her up a little bit.

"This won't work Olivia" She pointed out.

"Yes it will," I reassured her.

"No it won't, My life depends on a stick right now" She stated angrily, her voice cracked  on the last word.

I looked towards her stomach and she was right. Her life did depend on a stick, and it looked like it would snap any minute.

"I can't pull you up," I admitted, my tears falling in to the ocean below us.

"This is it," She said slowly.

"I'm sorry babe," I said.

"Bye Olivia, I love you" She whispered. I sobbed and looked at the ocean below us. I couldn't let her die like this.

I inched forward once more and leaned down and kissed her. No I wasn't a lesbian, Neither was I bisexual. But she deserved one last kiss.

"I love you too Casey," I sobbed as she loosened her grip on my sweaty hand. I gripped my hand hoping to latch it on to her' but all I gripped was empty air.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. I closed my eyes as I heard the cracking of bones echoing in the air. And I sobbed once more as I heard the splash in the ocean. I did it. I killed my best friend.

All of these events played through my mind as the detective asked me one simple question. The question that would depend what would happen the rest of my life, "What happened"


Hope you liked this first chapter, and I hoped that you'll like favorite and comment. Updating soon.



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