Inside Out

I killed my best friend. But I didn't mean too. Now I have to leave with my guilt, and it's eating me inside out.


3. BreakDowns

I leaned on the wall, making my way to fourth quarter. I was stopped short when someone jumped in front of me, "I heard what happened,"

I looked up too see Justin. Casey's Crush. Just seeing him made me want too go cry in the bathroom and skip another period of school. Which I've already did once. I couldn't take the pats on the back, the sad smiles, the supposed to make you feel better comments, anymore.

"Follow Me," He said before walking the opposite direction of Any of the Classes. I followed him wordlessly outside of the school. The outside air instantly released all the tension out of my body. I followed Justin down the street to Central Park. We sat on a bench staring at each other.

He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off quickly, "Don't say Anything," That's when I had my breakdown. He held me while I cried. He cried too.

He must've Liked her. Really, Really Liked her.


He walked me home that day, And I hugged him goodbye on my front porch. I went inside and was immediately questions by the detective, "Who's Your Friend?"

"Her Friend," I corrected him. He frowned at me before writing something on his notepad. Oh God. He was on too me.

"Sit down," He ordered. I sat down slightly scared.

"I'm tired of playing Nice with you. I will get the truth out, No Matter How many Tears Spill from your pretty little eyes. It's been a week and I have no information except 'It was Accident' and that's not going to cut it" He lectured angrily.

"Now what happened," He asked venom seeping from every word.

"We were on the cliff," I swallowed the lump in my throat, "We were playing and we got hungry," I lied well. Too well. He scribbled something on his notepad before looking back at me. "She was on the edge but we didn't notice" I let a tear slide down and I brought my knees too my chest.

"I went to get the picnic basket and I came back and she was laughing at something. She turned around and fell," I finished off looking at Mr. Marshalls.  

"I don't believe you" He grabbed his Jacket off the back of the couch and stormed out the front door. He didn't believe me. I was screwed. I'm going to Jail.

But he doesn't have any proof. I still have a chance. A chance to make this better. I rushed up too my room and grabbed an empty picnic basket from under my bed. We had no picnic basket in the car. But I could change that.

I quickly ran backstairs grabbing pieces of bread stuffing them in Ziploc bags. I grabbed some sodas from the Cabinet and added them to the basket. I grabbed some bruised apples and lunched meat and threw that in too.

I walked outside making sure the detective was gone. I rushed back inside and grabbed the picnic basket. I ran back outside opening the car door, I threw the picnic basket under the seat. I turned around and bumped in too someone.

'What are you doing," He asked coldly. I looked up at the detective scared, "I t-took t-he Picnic basket i-inside I though you'd want it for E-evidence or something" I stuttered.

"Why didn't you give it to me then" He pushed my chin up forcing me to look at him. He was good. Too Good.

"B-Because You might want it back in its original state," I gained confidence Looking him dead in the eye.

"I'm sure you did" He took a step towards me and I backed up. I backed up until I was against the car and he had cornered me.

"Tell me The Truth," He demanded

"You're Scaring Me" I whispered

"Good," He spat before turning on his heels. He got in his car and drove away. My knees went weak and I tumbled to the ground. I curled up on the dirt and cried my heart out.

I'm screwed.


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