The Last Hunt

Late one night the Winchester brothers get a call from Cas saying that he is in desperate trouble. They pack up the impala and head out to help. They figured that it would be difficult but they never thought that it may just end up being their last hunt.


2. Family Road Trip

      They sped down the empty highway the headlights barely lighting up the dark in front of the car  the radio blasted an old Kansas record. Dean hummed along tone-deaf and off pitch to the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” He drove with a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. Sam sat shotgun flipping through their dad’s old hunting journal that they had acquired after he passed away a couple of years back. The abandoned factory that the coordinates Cas gave them lead to was five hours away from the motel they had been staying in; four with Dean driving. They went on for an hour or two before Sam sat up and clicked the radio off “Dean don’t you think that this is a trap?” Sam asked Dean. “I know it’s dangerous and might just get us killed, but he’s part of our stupid dysfunctional family. And family doesn’t end in blood.” Dean said back. “But-“Sam started “No but’s that’s final. Too many people around us are dying and I want to save a least one of them.” Dean said venom in his voice. He pushed the gas pedal to the floor. Forcing the Impala to go as fast as in could.

            They arrived at the factory just at sunrise. The whole area was eerily quiet. They knew that they were probably expected to show up and not in a good way. Dean grabbed the demon hunting knife and Sam grabbed an angel blade and the both grabbed their normal guns shoving them into the belts of their pants. They started heading inside weapons in hand. They slowly pushed the heavy metal door open it was strangely unlocked. Looking around the hallway that the door had leaded into they saw boxes of old abandoned materials damaged from years of rain and sun. They started heading farther in looking for any signs of Cas but before they got very far they were quickly ransacked by powerful demons that seamed to come out of nowhere. They put up a though fight and were able to take out a few before they were captured.

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