One-Shot Wonders

Seeing as I have a few one-shots on here, I'm going to make this a collection of my one-shots. Enjoy!


3. The Best Dance

It was just another party. Another party at Cross Academy. Yuki Cross was standing at the door, welcoming people in, observing what was inside. The Day class and the Night class were coming together for an end-of-year party.

When Yuki had stood outside for a solid 15 minutes with nobody else coming in, she went in herself.

The funny thing was, it seemed a little restless in there, and not just because of the Night class students, who everyone, with just one exception, adored. Even Yuki herself admired the Night class and one student in particular…

Kaname Kuran.

She watched him as he crossed the room, as he talked to one of his classmates, as he moved, as he looked in her direction and made eye contact with her.

Yuki's heart fluttered as Kaname's eyes bored into hers. She blushed and looked away. And then she found herself looking at Zero.

Zero Kiriyu, Yuki's fellow Disciplinary committee member. The only stranger in the Day class. He was looking at the roof, hand on his throat. He shook his head and walked away. As he walked, people quickly moved out of his way.


Was it because of Zero? Zero had been seen recently… covered in blood. He was seen like that a lot now, so people kept away from him, thinking it was taboo to be near him. Yuki sighed and walked out onto one of the balconies.

It was a full moon tonight. Yuki gazed at it in wonder. The full moon was beautiful, as it always was.

Yuki heard footsteps coming toward her. She turned around and saw Kaname walking in her direction. She blushed again. There was a slight red glow in his eyes, which only she noticed. It was nighttime, after all. Vampires' eyes did glow slightly at night.

"Good evening, Yuki. How are you?" Kaname's voice wafted into her dream. She looked up, startled.

"I'm… fine…" she stuttered.

"Thanks for all your hard work this evening." His voice was like a dream itself to Yuki.

Yuki shook her head, waking herself up. "That's the duty of the disciplinary…" she trailed off as Kaname took her hand. "Kaname?"

"Dance with me, Yuki." Kaname looked into her eyes. "Remember when I first taught you how to dance?"

"You asked me the same question at the last party." Yuki smiled slightly. "I was young, and I could only dance the waltz slowly, having only just learnt it."

"Yes." Kaname also smiled. "Those days were so… long ago.

Yuki blushed redder. Yes, those days had been years ago, but it seemed like yesterday that she had been dancing with Kaname when she was six.

She rested her head against Kaname's chest. She never wanted this dance to end. She wanted to be here for the rest of her life.

"Stay with me, Yuki." Kaname broke into her dream again. He stopped dancing and hugged her tight. "Will you never leave my side again? Will you stay with me?"

Yuki was surprised. It was like he could read her mind. She would stay with him; she wanted to stay with him. There was nothing she wanted more. "Kaname…" she started. Kaname looked down at her. Yuki looked up at him and said the one word that they both wanted to hear.


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