One-Shot Wonders

Seeing as I have a few one-shots on here, I'm going to make this a collection of my one-shots. Enjoy!


1. Shizuka's Story

I remember sitting in the Cherry Blossom trees in the woods, a while away from a household of four. There were two young twin boys a little way off. One had run up and jumped on the other, and then they stood talking. It was then that I started crying. They looked so like him…

Then my presence made the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Leaves swirled around, like pale pink rain. The two boys looked up at the trees, confused.

"What's happening?" One of the boys said weakly.

"The Cherry Blossoms are blooming out of season." The other replied.

Finally, one of the boys noticed me. "Zero, look…" he said. The other, Zero, looked at me, sitting in the tree.

He gasped. "Come away, Ichiru! She's a vampire!" He pulled at Ichiru's sleeve. But Ichiru remained still.

"But she's so beautiful," he argued. "Could she really be that dangerous?"

"She's a vampire!" Zero repeated. "Come away!"

Ichiru finally gave in and they ran back towards their house. I watched as their mother and father took them in. A surge of anger overtook me. It was them. They had taken him away from me… I could not stop the tears again.

I came back to the same tree the next day. And the next. One of the boys, Ichiru, saw me every day, but Zero didn't seem to notice me, although I'm sure he did. Then one day, Ichiru came up to me. When he saw me crying, he started crying too. It was like he shared my pain. But he didn't, and he never could. This was why the fact that he spoke surprised me.

"Why are you crying?" he asked in a small, quivering voice.

"Why are you crying?" I asked him. Despite myself, I smiled a little. He did, too.

"You're so beautiful, and it looks like you're in pain. What happened?" Ichiru surprised me again. Why would he want to know what was happening to me? I was a pure-blood vampire, and his family, the Kiriyus', had been vampire hunters for generations.

"The one I loved was taken away from me." I told him. "He was hunted and killed for being what he was."

"He was one of you? Had he reached Level E yet?" the boy's voice was starting to get stronger, but ever so slightly.

"Yes, he was a vampire, I made him one." The Cherry Blossoms were blowing around my face as I recounted what happened that fateful night in my head. "But he had not reached Level E. He never would have. I don't think he forgave me until the very end."

The boy's face turned from sad to angry. "But why would he be hunted if he wasn't a Level E? It doesn't make any sense." He closed his eyes for a minute. "Who did it?"

"Killed him?" I don't know why I told him this, but I did. "Your parents."

I'm not quite sure what happened then. I decided to get revenge on the Kiriyu family. It was what I had to do.

It was a snowstorm that night. I bared my fangs as I walked up to the house, out of sight, when the other boy, Zero, burst out of the house. I grabbed him and turned him to face the house.

His mother screamed from the house, "Zero!"

"Let him go!" his father bellowed. I ignored them, and pulled Zero's shirt down a little.

"You killed him." I said, with an evil and dangerous tone in my voice. "You killed him, and now I'm going to punish you!"

I brought my fangs to Zero's neck, and the snow was spattered with blood.

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