The Great Act (One Direction Fan Fiction)

"I was never weak, worried, fragile, and reckless until the day I realized something. I've fallen for the one I hate the most. And it's the worst yet best thing that ever happened to me."
- Briana


3. Visiting dad


"Ahh!", I shouted as I sat up from my bed. Holding my head with my left hand, I realized that I'm breathing heavily and I'm kinda sweaty. "Not again..", I whispered, sighing deeply. I kept on having nightmares. Argh.

I looked around and it's already bright. I got up and went out of my bedroom. I jogged a little on my way down the stairs and to the kitchen.

I'm still far from the kitchen but I could hear the loud music already. It must be my sister. "And let me kiss you!", she sang from the top of her lungs. Told ya it's my sister. She's been addicted to this boy band and I don't even know why.

"You've got to be kidding me.", I whispered as I made my way to the speaker and turned it off. My sister stopped from doing her little dance and singing. "Hey! I love that song!", she shouted at me.

"Sweetie, you love all of their songs.", I mumbled, walking to her. She's making a sandwich. "I thought you dyed your hair brown?", she asked.

"Oh.. yeah.. I just dyed it again.", I answered, taking out two loaves of bread. "Why?", she asked after taking a bite. She walked to the counter where her speakers were placed. "Well.. I look much hotter with blonde.", I said.

She took a sit and turned her speakers on again. Argh. "Hey, Jessie. Have you seen dad?", I asked, taking a bite. "Woah. You never talk to him.. why would you ask?", she said.

"Ahh!", I shouted, feeling irritated. "There's something wrong with my credit card.", I continued.

"Really? Maybe we're broke.", she joked, pretending to be serious. I just smirked. "Honey.. the whole california may be broke but not us.", I replied.

"Well.. actually he said he wants to talk to you so you better go to his office.", she said. Wow. Dad wants to talk to me? "Really?", I replied, confused and surprised.

"I said can you give it back to me.. she said...", Jessie sang quietly as she scrolls down on her tablet. Then, I suddenly remembered something. I took a bite first before talking. "Oh.. Have you seen my phone? I've never touch that since last week."

She pointed at my back without looking at me. I turned around, seeing my phone on the table. "Wow.. still have 9% battery." I started to check it. I got so many missed calls from different unknown numbers.

"Who are these people calling?", I annoyingly asked. Jessie looked away from the tablet and answered me. "Oh.. I answered one of them. He said he's Derek and he really wants to talk to you."

"Derek? Who the hell is Derek?", I asked to myself, confused. Maybe just another man I met. I shook my head as I sighed. Walking to Jessie, I finished my sandwich. "Here..", I said as I give her my phone.

"What do you want me to do with your phone?", she asked, surprised. "I don't know.. sell it, feed it to the dogs.. I just don't want to see it anymore. Okay?", I said.

She took it with confused face. "O---kay?", she replied, unsure. I smiled at her then, kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, sis!", I shouted.

"Yeah yeah.. Whatever.", she answered. I hurriedly get out of the kitchen. The music from her speakers got louder. Silly, Jessie. She's really obsessed.

I walked upstairs and to my room. I took a shower and fix myself.


I'm still far but I could see the building already. Wow. I realized that I'm really rich. I parked my car on the parking lot and immediately rode off.

On my way to the front door, people were starting to greet me. "Good Morning, ma'am Briana!" Yeah yeah.. I just ignored all of them. They all know me for being a stubborn and arrogant daughter so I just think of them as plastics.

I was in the front of the door, waiting for the security guard to open it for me. I took my blackberry first, still waiting.

When I realized that I've been standing for almost 15 seconds now because the guard didn't see me, I knocked on the glass door with a plastic smile. The guard was surprised so he ran to the door and opened it. "Good morning, ma'am!", he said, nervous.

I faced him, still with a smile. "Are you new here?", I asked. He just nodded yes. "Good!", I shouted, causing him to jump a little. "Coz if you're not, I'll tell dad to fire you as soon as possible.", I said to him, walking closer, making him stepped back.

"Do you understand?!", I shouted, causing him to answer back hurriedly. "Yes, ma'am!" I just laughed at his reaction. I love visiting here. It's like they're all afraid of me. I'm just scaring them.

"Good.", I said, moving away from him. I walked away from him but I turned again giving him a wave as I smile at him. "Nice meeting you, new guard!"

I made my way to the elevator and saw few people waiting for it. "Ting!", the elevator arrived and the people started to ride in it. It's my turn to enter the elevator but I realized that it's already crowded there and they were all sweaty. So, I stopped.

"Are you going in or what?!", the pathetic guy said angrily to me. I could see that he's in a hurry that's why he didn't even realize that I'm the daughter of the owner of this company.

"Eeeeww... I'd rather lick an ice cream on the floor than to join smelly people in a tiny elevator.", I answered. They were all shocked.

"She's the daughter..."


"That's her?"

I heard their whispers. I just glanced at them angrily. "Just go! Okay? Byee!", I said, waving at them. They closed the elevator and I pushed the button on the other elevator.

"Stupid..", I whispered, crossing my arms on my chest.

So, luckily, I was the only one on the elevator. I got up to the 10th floor where my dad's office is located. I walked and walked til his secretary interrupted me. "Ahm.. excuse me, ma'am?!", she shouted, making me turned to her.

"Oh.. hey, ma'am Briana.", she greeted, nervous. Great. She recognized me.

I walked to her desk and took off my sunglasses. "Yes? Is there a problem?", I asked to her, pokerface.

"'s just... you're going to your dad's office?", she asked. "Yeah.. why do you ask?", I asked back.

"He's talking to someone right now so you can't disturb him.", she said, smiling. I just laughed at her, leaving a confused reaction on her face. "I'm just going to talk to him for a minute.", I said. I walked again and she followed me.

"Ma'am, you really can't go there.", she said to me again. I just sighed madly, controling my temper. I suddenly turned to face her and said, "Look... who am I?"

She swallowed deeply as we stopped from walking. "Briana...", she answered, unsure. "And I am??", I asked again.

"The owner's daughter...", she answered, looking down. I smiled at her. "And what are you here?", I said.

"His secretary..", she said, almost whispering. "Great!", I smiled forcefully. "So.. don't tell me what to do coz you're just my dad's secretary! An whatever you say, I don't give a shit.", I said in an angry tone, feeling annoyed.

I turned around and started to walk again but she kept on following me.

She still followed me until we reached dad's office door. I opened it and walked. I saw dad and he's talking to someone. I stopped from walking and crossed my arms against my chest. Dad stood up, surprised. "Briana! You came!", he said.

"I'm so sorry, sir. I told her she can't come in but she---", the secretery said but dad cut her off. "I know.. You can go now.. thank you.", dad said.

The secretary closed the door and I continued to walk to dad. "So, you decided to talk to your dad, huh?", he said, sitting back again. "Yeah.. yeah..whatever..", I answered.

"Actually, now is not the perfect time, honey. Can you wait outside?", he asked. "What? I can't wait.. you know I hate waiting, dad. I'm just here to tell you that there's something wrong with my credit card.", I said, still standing.

The one dad was talking to turned her chair and faced me. "Oh my gosh.. Is that you, Briana?!", she said, surprised, as she make her way to me and gave me a very very tight hug. Who the fuck is this? Told ya this always happens to me, meeting someone I don't even know.

Dad just laughed. I could see that he's happy for us. The woman who hugged me pulled away from the hug. Finally! I can breathe again! Still holding on my shoulders, she smiled at my pokerface.

"You don't remember me, do you?", she asked. I just forced a smile, saying no. "She's one of your godmothers, Bri.. Her name is Clara, one of your mother's bestfriends. And she's here to visit us.", dad said, standing up. She moved her hands away from me.

"Wow. I have Godmothers?", i said, confused. Clara just laughed. "She's such a great joker like her mother.", she said.

"I'm not even joking.", I whispered. Dad just laughed with her. Really? I hate old people.

"And you got your mother's accent!", she added. Woah. I didn't even notice I'm talking with a british accent. "Well..of course not.", I said with an american accent. Hey. I'm trying hard here.

"Well, I think you have hot accent.", dad said, referring to her and my mum's accent. Yikes! I can't believe dad think british accents are hot.

"So...", I said, louder so I can get their attention. "Anyways, I was saying, dad---", I continued but dad cut me in. "Ow.. I heard you, honey."

"Oh.. really?", I smiled. "So.. I could go now.. Bye!", I said. I turned away and started to walk but dad shouted, causing me to stop from walking. "Wait! We still need to talk."

I slowly turned around, annoyed. "Do you mind if I talk to her first?", he asked Clara. "Oh. Of course not!", she replied, sitting back to her chair. Dad walked to his table and sat on it slightly. "Have a seat, Bri.", he said, seriously.

Okay.. This is weird. We never talked like this before... ever.

I slowly walked to them and took the seat next to Clara, still clueless.

"You got your mother's eyes.", Clara said. I just gave her a plastic smile and said, "Really? I don't care." Her smile faded and she was actually shocked. "But you didn't get her attitude.", she whispered. Like I give a shit!

"Briana..", dad started. I looked at him.

"You don't want to go to college.. you don't want to work here.. you don't even want to work anywhere.. tell me.. What do you want to do with your life?", he stated.

Actually.. nothing.. I don't want to do anything. "There's one thing I want to do...", I said.

"Then what is it?", he asked. "To get out of here.", I said.

"Tsk tsk. I never thought you'll grow up like this..", Clara suddenly talked. Dad and I just stared at her.

"Okay.. That's it, young lady!", dad shouted as he walked and sat back to his chair. I was surprised. He never shouted to me like that before. "You have to choose, Bri. You'll go to college, you'll work here or you'll find a decent job!"

"What will happen if I chose among the choices?", I asked. "You'll get your credit card back plus... all of your salary will be yours.", he answered.

"Oh my! Seriously?!", I asked. "Yeah! Now choose!!", he shouted angrily.

Okay.. now I'm scared. This is the first time I saw him really angry. I mean, he gets mad to me when I go home drunk but because I'm drunk, I can't remember his face.

"Ahm...", I'm so speechless. I've never been speechless in my entire life! Fuck!

"What?!", dad shouted again, causing me to moved backward a little.

Seriously? You want me to decide right now?! "Can you give me some time to think?", I replied. "No!", he immediately answered. "You have to decide now.. right now!", he continued.

"Okay.. fine!", I said as I sighed panickly. Study?Work here? Work somewhere else? What to choose?!

The room was covered by silence. Dad's waiting for my answer while Clara is just staring at us.

Okay.. Think, Bri. Go to college? Why would I want to go to college? Duh. I'm just going to waste my brain cells there. I'm smart already! I don't need to study.

Work here? Why would I work here? Working here is a social suicide. And I don't like that. Besides, it's too boring here. I don't even know how dad survives here. Wew.

Last.. work somewhere else. find a decent job. I can't find any decent job if I wasn't able to go to college. Argh. I hate my life!

So... hmm. Among the three choices, I think I'd rather work somewhere else. yeah.. That's it.

"So?", dad snapped me back to the reality. "Oh.. Uhm..", I still can't answer. Just give him a fucking answer!

"If I were you, I would--", Clara suggested but I didn't let her finish her word. "Shhhh..", I said, index finger on my lips. She was surprised again. She's like a kid and I'm her mother. How funny!

"Well.. I don't want to go to college.. I also don't want to work here..", I said.

"So you want to work somewhere?", he asked. "Not exactly.. I--", I said.

"So what do you want then?!", dad shouted. He really scares me to death. "Look..", I started, standing up as I put my hands against dad's table. "If I decided to work, I can't be able to find a decent job because of the fact that I'm not a college graduate."

" want to go to college, then?", he asked. Argh. Really, dad? "Argh!", I shouted as I sighed, sitting back again.

"David.. she was saying that she wants to work somewhere but she will never find a decent job because she wasn't able to go to college.. but she still doesn't want to go to college. Do you understand now?", Clara explained. Ahh! Thank, God! Someone who understand me..

"Thanks!", I said to her, relieved. "I see..", he said, thinking. "What kind of work do you want?", he asked.

"Anything... hmm.. something where I can socialize with other people.", I answered.

"Hmm.. Let's see..", he said, still thinking. "Wait!", we were both shocked when Clara suddenly talked. "I think I know a perfect job for you..", she continued.

I suddenly stood up with shocked face. "Seriously?! OMG! Thank you so much!", I said as I hugged her. "Wait.. You still don't know what's the job.,,", she said.

"Just tell it to dad. Okay?", I said, pulling away from the hug. "So that's it, dad! I think we're settled. Everything's fine. And my credit card.. don't forget!", I said, giving dad a kiss on the cheek. He was surprised.

I turned around and ran hurriedly. But I stopped and faced them again, "Thanks again, Clara! You're the best godmother among my other godmothers!", I shouted as I laughed.

"Okay.. bye!", Clara replied as I ran away to the exit.

So, what's my job? I'm so excited. I can't wait!


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