The Great Act (One Direction Fan Fiction)

"I was never weak, worried, fragile, and reckless until the day I realized something. I've fallen for the one I hate the most. And it's the worst yet best thing that ever happened to me."
- Briana



Nervous, sweaty, tired, and can't even breathe... these are the words that best describe me right now. "I'm so dead!", I breathed out.


I only got 7 minutes left. I can't be late for the 4th time or else my professor will fail me in his subject. I still have to scan my notes for the quiz later. Argh! Could this day get any worse?!


I think I've been running for almost 3 minutes now and I'm still here on the parking lot. Sometimes I regret studying in this university for being so big. I often get lost here.


"4 minutes to go! Wew!", I shouted, smiling like an idiot, knowing that I could still get on time. Because of the hurry, I didn't notice the hump on the floor, and guess what? I fell.. yeah. I fell on the ground, not to mention the books I was holding that bursted all over. "Fuck!", I whispered, my face only 2 inches away from the ground.


I quickly took all the books and papers that my eyes saw and stood up, removing the tiny particles of sand on my clothes, pretending like nothing happened. Well, that was so embarrassing! Good thing, I was the only person here. Wait. Why am I the only person here? Oh.. right... because I'm so freaking late!


I started to run again despite of my haggard look and my right foot that really hurts.


I think I was only 3 meters away from my building when someone interrupted me. Great timing, huh? "Hey, miss!", a guy shouted. I could feel that he's laughing quietly. Maybe he saw me diving on the floor earlier. Shit.


I suddenly stopped, almost throwing my whole body in front of me. I sighed deeply, feeling my panting heart. "I think this is yours.", the one who called me shouted. I could sense that he's a little away from me. I confusely looked around me first to make sure that I'm the one he's calling.


"Yes, you! Lady wearing red dollshoes and sunglasses!", he shouted again. I was shocked so I stop from moving.


Wait. I think that voice is familiar.


"No.. It can't be..", I whispered.


I got more nervous as I slowly turned around to face that man. My eyes widened, I'm in a total shock right now. I forgot all my problems just because of his voice.













"Niall?", I asked with narrowed eyes, seeing if he is really the one I mentioned. And right now, I still can't believe this is happening. Am I dreaming?

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