The Great Act (One Direction Fan Fiction)

"I was never weak, worried, fragile, and reckless until the day I realized something. I've fallen for the one I hate the most. And it's the worst yet best thing that ever happened to me."
- Briana


2. Last victim for tonight


"Oh my gosh! Briana?! It's that you?!" Wow. Talk about great timing. I was about to kiss this gorgeous guy in front of me when this person who's shouting interrupted me. I just sighed. You could also see the disappoinment on his face. Wait. Who's this guy again? Hmm. Nevermind.

"Briana?!", the lady shouted again but this time, closer to me. I looked at the guy in front of me with a forced smile, saying maybe later so you better get out of here. And yeah.. he understood me as he gave me a smile and just walked away.

I sighed angrily before facing the annoying lady, giving her the most plastic smile I could ever give. She walked to me, wrapping me around her arms. Who the fuck is this girl?

We pulled away from the hug with my confused face and with a big smile plastered on her face. Still looking at her cluelessly, I just nodded slightly from left to right, repeatedly for her to know that I don't even know her.

"Well.." , she said, waiting for me to say something. "Don't act like you don't know me." ,she continued. What am I suppose to act?! That I know her?! Argh.. This happens to me always. But I can't help it because I'm popular. Duh!

"Sorry?", I simply mumbled, waiting for her to say her fucking name. She just laughed at me. At first, I'm just being bitch for not laughing but when I realized I have to go with the flow, I just laughed too.

"It's me! Nicole, you silly!", she said. Oh no. Nicole? Does she mean my best friend way back on 5th grade?! Sht.

"Sorry.. I can't remember.", I said seriously, nodding no. "Oh.. seriously?", she said, frustrated. "I was your bestfriend.. you know.. when we're on the 5th grade.", she continued explaining.

"Oh! Right! Nicole!", I shouted, giving her a light hug again. "Wow! You really look amazing, Briana!", she said. I know right! "I really thought you'll recognize me. And I never thought I'll still recognize you with this whole transformation thing!", she shouted for me to hear her from this loud music. Oh no.. Don't tell me you're going to bring back the past.

"Oh..right..transformation..", I awkwardly replied. " looked like a boy. I thought you're lesbian that time. Well, I actually thought that you like me that's why you always go to me. Duh! I'm really gorgeous and popular that time!", she laughed as she stated those words. Oh no she didn't! Just keep smiling, Briana.. like you're enjoying talking to her.

"Oh.. and I remember your mother! She always cook for our lunch. She's really amazing.", she sighed first, looking away like imagining something before looking back to me. "Memories..", she said.

My fake smile suddenly faded away with her words. I really don't like having conversations regarding my mum. Seriously! I may be look like an angel but in reality, I'm not. I'm the worst bitch you could ever imagine, bitch!

"How's your mum by the way?", she asked. That's it! "And you know what, Nicole?! I don't give a shit!", I shouted and she was surprised.

I hurriedly turned away and started to walk. "Wait, Briana! I'm just asking!", she shouted for me to hear her. I didn't stop instead I continued walking away and gave her my middle finger.

I walked to the bar and sat on the seat. "Two tequillas please.", I requested to the bartender and he gave me a nod. "Argh!", I groaned, putting my head between my hands that were supported by the table.

"What happened to you?", the lady who's sitting beside me said as she turned her sit facing me. I was surprised. I literally jumped a little. "Shit. You scared me.", I said, not even moving from my position.

"Where have you been? I was looking for you on the dance floor.", she said after drinking her tequilla. I finally sat properly and looked at her. "Look, Cass, someone from my past just interrupted me." 

"Oh my gosh!", she shouted after swallowing and placing her glass on the table. "What?", I asked curiously. She suddenly grabbed my head, her hands on my cheeks then, she put her thumbs on both my eyebags and pulled them downward, looking at my eyes.

"You're drunk..", she laughed, pulling away from me as she took her glass. "Pppffssttt..", I let little amount of air passed my closed lips. "I'm not drunk.", I assured.

"Here you go, ma'am.", the bartender said as he placed the two glasses of tequilla in front of me. "Thanks.", I replied.

"Ahh! You're still gonna drink that?!", Cass said with a shock. "O c'mon, Cass. I'm not yet drunk!", I said to her.

"Really?", she said as she drank a little amount from her glass. She cleared her throat. "How many?", she said, showing her hand in front of my face.

I laughed at her. "Duh! It's four!", I proudly answered. She just laughed hard. "It's only three, love. You're really drunk. I can tell it by your eyes. We've been best friends for 3 years now, Bri."

"Fine! Maybe a little...", I mumbled, almost whispering, as I took the glass and took a sip. Yeah.. I think I'm drunk. I could feel my eyes blinking twice per second and I think my head has water in it. But this feeling is not new to me anymore.

"Just don't forget about our deal.", she said, looking at her little mirror as she apply lipstick on her lips. "Oh.. right.. I almost forgot.", I said after finishing the first glass.

"I already got three. How about you?", she said. I laughed. I don't even know why. "I already kissed four. And I should be celebrating now for winning if only my old friend didn't disturb me.", I replied. Cass just giggled.

"Let's go?", she asked. I took the second glass of tequilla and drank it straight. Cass and I stood up from our seats. I feel a little dizzy now so I rest my back first on the table. "Are you okay?", she asked, concern as she fix her hair.

"Duh!", I replied, not even sure. "Just take it easy on the drinks, young lady. Oh.. and I don't think I'll go home with you. Someone's waiting for me.", she said, winking at me.

"Ah! You're such a flirt!", I replied. She smiled at me and said, "Goodluck!"

Suddenly my attention went to the music. Don't drop that thun thun is on! Alright! This is my favorite song. I looked at the dancefloor, looking for my last victim for tonight.

My imbalance eyes were locked on a cute guy dancing on the middle. He's really hot even though he's not a great dancer.

A weird smile was plastered on my face. Cute hot guy + my favorite song = Briana's victory. Yey!

"Oh.. and by the way.. you're gonna lose.", Cass said to me before walking away.

"I don't think so..", I whispered. I fixed my tight dress first before fixing my perfectly curled brown hair.

I started to walk to the dance floor. Last kiss, Bri. You're gonna win this thing. The song was gradually getting louder in my head as I walked closer.

My whole body is now getting to the music as I feel it dancing a little. I finally stepped on the dance floor. I'm just going to start dancing when a guy appeared in front of me. Am I that really hot?! Sorry boy.. you're not my next target.. but I think you're hot, too.

I still feel dizzy despite of my excitement. I'm so tired and my feet will break anytime soon but I just can't stop dancing.

Well, I think that's natural to a drunk person right? You know what you're doing but you just can't control it. You'll do something that you don't even really expecting.

I just smiled to the boy before dancing away from him. My song is still on and I'm starting to enjoy this.

Different guys were bumping on me on my way to my victim. Argh. They're starting to annoy me. You're not my type, guys! Sorry.

I just continued dancing til I finally got to the center of the dance floor. I was looking for him in my most not obvious way as I dance to the music.

I smiled when I finally found him. He's really cute! And I think among my victims tonight, he's my favorite.

He's now dancing with a girl. Who the hell is she? I hope she's not her girlfriend because if she is.. well, she's going to have a broken heart before leaving this club. And I'm sure about that. I can get any boy I want.

She's not even hot. I think she's only my 24%. Poor, hot guy. I'm sure you're not satisfied with that girl. Don't worry. I'm here. You'll like me.

It was in the middle of the chorus when I started to dance with my full energy. It just took few seconds til I got the people's attention.

And that's the perfect time to show them how amazing am I when it comes to twerking.

I took another guy to dance with me. I look at the cute guy as I danced. He stopped from dancing with the stupid girl. I felt better, knowing that I will succeed.

I continued waving my whole body against my partner, who's really enjoying himself, but my eyes were still locked to my cutie target.

His partner left when she realized he's not interested to her anymore. Great. Now, he was just staring at me, doing nothing.

I tried to dance in my most seductive way as I bit my bottom lip, still looking at him. But he just smirked. And before I knew it, he's laughing.

Okay.. seriously now, I don't know if I'm going to be happy or embarrassed. Why is he laughing? Am I a funny dancer?!

I slowly stopped from dancing when I realized that the music changed already. Okay. That's a little embarrassing. The music really took me away.. or that's just the effect of alcohol.

I cleared my throat, knowing that I don't know what to do now. I'm still in the middle of the dance floor with a romamtic song playing. Hey.. i know this song.. It's Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

"Hey?", the guy I've been dancing with asked as he offered his hand to me. Oh gosh.. I'm not in the mood to dance right now.. not after my embarrassment. "No thanks..", I humbly replied, nodding no with a smile.

I took a quick glance to my suppose-to-be-victim, hoping he's not here. But I failed. He's still here and the bad thing is.. he's still staring at me! Help!

I looked at him again. His arms were crossed on his chest, looking at me with a playful smile. He's probably thinking that I'm such a whore.

I just gave him a weak smile, hiding the humiliation. Then, I immediately turned around to walk away. As I started to walk, I heard a voice. "Wait!" Then, a hand was gripped on my left hand, causing me to look back.

I was shocked. It's him.. It's really him... the cute hot guy I'm talking about for the last 5 minutes of my life. Is this for real? Or just another effect of this stupid alcohol?

I stared at him, confused. He released my hand as I turned fully to him, shyly.

"May I have this dance?", he said with much bigger voice, bowing to me with an offered hand. I giggled at his fake voice. "Yeah.. sure.", I replied, giving him my hand.

He took my hand as he assisted me to a better spot to dance. Okay.. seriously, I don't feel okay. I think I'm sleepy. Not now please.

Stopping on the center, he turned me, facing him. He placed his hands on my waist as I placed mine around his neck.

I'm just looking down, still embarrassed. I looked up to him when I felt his shoulders vibrating. He's still laughing lightly. I just smirked.

"Seriously? What's so funny with what I just did?", I said, trying my best to hide my humiliation. "Nothing.. it's just... you're funny.", he smirked.

"But I didn't do anything funny..", I mumbled, confused. He just laughed again. Wait.. I think this face is familiar. I've seen this face before. I just can't remember.

"I know.. you're just a great dancer.", he said. Well, I get that a lot. I'm really good at dancing. "No.. I'm not.", I said, leaving a confused face in front of me.

"What?", he asked. "I didn't get your attention.", I simply replied.

"Really?", he said, still confused. I just nodded slightly. "Then..why am I dancing with this gorgeous woman in front of me?", he asked me. Woah. He's got a point.

"You really don't need to do that.", he said. "What? Dancing like that?", I asked.

"Yeah..I mean.. Even if you didn't dance like that and seduce me like hell.. I think I'll still notice you.", he said seriously. I think he's saying the truth.

I just giggled, looking away from him. "You know... I can sense that you're drunk, young lady.", he said. Ow.. right..? Sht.

"What? I'm not drunk. Look who's talking!", I replied, looking up to him. Yeah.. I think he's drunk too. "You can't even look straight to my eyes and you blink twice per second and I'm not drunk.. just tipsy.", he said.

"Oh.. really?", I mumbled, giving up from convincing everyone else that I'm not drunk.. coz I'm really drunk. "It's kinda upsetting..", he stated.

"That I'm drunk?", I asked. He nodded no. "That you'll wake up this morning not even remembering me." I just giggled at his words.

Okay. I think this guy is really sweet. I almost forgot my goal here. I still need to get that kiss. I heard the music and it's in the chorus.. Perfect.

I looked to his eyes seriously. It's really hard to look straight when you're already drunk but I'm still trying my best. His smile faded as I moved my head closer to him, realizing what I'm doing.

I closed my eyes and I think he closed his eyes too. I was about to felt his lips when I suddenly heard something.

Some howling, shouting, and footsteps. Weird.

"C'mon men!" I opened my eyes as soon as I felt that he is being pulled by some other boys. They're really in a hurry. I took a step back as the guys panicked. I'm just there, curious and confused.

"Wait! Wait! Do we really have to go now?!", the cute guy asked to the others who keep on pulling him away.

"Yeah! Let's go now!", a boy with a strong accent shouted. I know that accent! I just can think properly right now.

He looked at me, upset. "I'm sorry.", he said. Then, all of them ran. Seriously? He just left me here?!

I sighed deeply, a little angry. Now.. I'm really not feeling well. I felt something. I hurriedly covered my mouth with widened eyes. I looked around, panicked.

I ran, getting out of the dance floor. I squeezed myself to the crowd just to get out of here. I saw the backdoor so I hurriedly ran to it.

Fortunately, I reached outside and that's the moment I totally threw up. Argh. Disgusting! Thank God nobody saw me,.

I wiped my mouth, starting to see blurred things. I shook my head, trying to see things normally. I suddenly felt tears on my cheek. Why the fuck am I crying?

Gosh.. I'm really drunk. How can I go home now? Cass?!

After few seconds, I'm now laughing. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Cass?!", I shouted, kneeling down on the ground. I realized I'm on the parking lot.

"Cassandra?!", I repeated, wishing she could hear me. Who am I kidding? She's probably having sex now with a stranger.

I wiped my cheeks as I completely sat on the ground. "Cass....?", I shouted for the last time, giving up.


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