Haunted by Silence

Young Aiden has had a trouble life but once he enters his creative writing class everything changes and he learns to use his pain to transform his outlook on life. Things become even more complicated when SHE starts to connect to his writing and they create a different world for each other. Can Aiden overlook and find the peace he needs with his troubling past or will it consume him in a never ending cycle?


1. Silence

"Silence is the noise I hear the most clawing towards me. I’ve spent my life torturing myself with my constant silence. The silence of my mom beating me, the silence of my rape, the silence of the abuse from my siblings, the silence of the feelings towards my neglecting father, but mostly the silence of me slowly hating myself more and more each day. Some days are bearable, those are the days where I might be able to fake a smile and actually believe I’m happy. Other days I stay up literally wondering if I will wake up the next day or if I’ll be erased from the world. I’ve spent my whole life suffering but mostly because it's my choice. I can't speak my mind or say how I feel, because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone though they hurt me. I remember being a child laying in bed with my eyes flooding my pillow with pain, hoping for a silver lining only to have my cries answered with an emptiness feeling. I’ve grown to be a man that feels as hollow as an empty glass, you could fill me with water and I would still be clear. I’m silent because of all my mistakes, and for each love that I have poisoned out of my life. Every tender kiss has left me with a bloody busted lip tasting the pain of each word I have swallowed. I sit here alone knowing that I have drench myself in self misery and expected other outcomes. I’m silent because I hate myself and everything in my life."

After Aiden had finishing reading his journal to the class he looked up to see a million eyes giving him terrified expressions. " Well that was an amazing emotional piece Mr. Goncalves, I'm glad you were able to take you writing and character to such a deep place you did the assignment perfectly", declared clueless yet pleasant Mrs. Martinez. " Would anyone else like to share their creative pieces? " she asked already knowing that no one would just like every other class. Aiden still noticing the eyes glued to him and he shadow dragged his feet back to where they were pulled from underneath his desk. Immediately after sitting paper footballs and balls began to flood his desk by bouncing of his body. It was moments like this that gave him the inspiration to write. 


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