The Girl I used to know

A girl lost in drugs, smoking, no family, and no help. Suffocating from all of the lies, drugs, and wounds. She finds her longs lost best friend. Can he save her? Or will she give up on life and die young from old habits?
16+ Viewer Discretion IS Advised


2. Getting a Job

As I was walking my friend bumped into me. "Omg hey!" "Hey." She have me a little weird because I wasn't excited or anything. "We haven't seen each other in three months and your not excited to see me?" She took of her hoodie. It was my BFF that had to move out of twin and I wasn't aloud To go visit her. I don't know why. But I had seen her at a club three months ago and now she came back home. "Omg I'm so sorry I didn't see your face over your hoodie!" We both giggled and walked. "So what are you doing walking around out here at night?" She asked me. "Well my parents think I'm a slut and that since I got this belly ring I'm a disgrace to the family. Soo I left." I told her. "Omg I could have never done something like that! Except I did something similar." "Omg what did you do Emily?" "Well ya know how my parents died like a month after Harry was moved into an orphanage?" "Yeah." "Well, my grandparents thought it would be 'fun' to make me miserable. So they took me out it ice cream at a kid place. All the kids were laughing at me. I went to the bathroom and this girl I think she was about 10 or 11 came up and shoves ice cream in my face! I yelled at her and called her a bra then I flicked her head. And it wasn't even that hard. She ran off crying like I cut her head off. My parents yelled at me and said I was grounded for 5 months because that little snitch said I slapped her. I couldn't handle being locked up for that long so I called both my grandparents devils and I knew that would piss them off because their very religious, and then walked out with my stuff. I also stole the car. They didn't care because they had another one plus they said they never would speak to me again till I was mature." She said. "Wow. Well do you think I could stay with you for a while??" "Duh! What are friends for! I can also get you a job. You look like you need one." We giggled and she hopped on my bike and we rode off to the apartment. Once we got there I took a shower and slipped on a tank top and some fuzzy zebra rainbow shorts.

I fell asleep and I dreamt that I had the perfect life... I hope it becomes reality and not just a dream.....

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