Hitching a ride with a stalker

I'm just a normal girl, with a normally simple life, who has normal good friends..
Okay, did you believe me? No? dammit!
Fine, maybe i'm not very normal.. i mean, i have a little crush on someone. but it's totally healthy..
No? Still?
Fine! Fine, I admit it! I am NOT normal! and It's Not a little.. I'm a stalker! There, I said it!
I'm head over vans with my only obsession in this world and i can't help! not really the only obsession, though.. i mean, Gummy worms are awesome!


1. prolouge

"Ughhhh! Stupid piece of junk!"

I can’t believe this is happening. I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. My car refuses to start., and my phone battery just died. I know that this is karma biting me in the ass for stalking him, but it isn’t my fault! I am head over vans in love with him.

I love him even more than I love gummy worms!

 I got out of the car and shouted to the sky.

 "Oh, dear god, could it get any worse?"

Apparently that one time I was talking to the old man upstairs.. he responded. The sky turned from beautifully clear sky, into a dark and gloomy.

Is that even normal?!

 And it started raining. By now I was soaking wet and I probably looked like a dead raccoon.

 "Okay, want to add a little lightning and thunder to the mix?! I don't mind. I still have my bag of gummy worms with me.”

I was starting to get more frustrated by the second and didn't notice the car that parked behind my car.

 "Miss, I'm sorry to bother you, but I saw you shouting to no one in particular and wanted to ask if you are okay?" Said a guy with a heavy British accent. 

"Oh, I’m fin—“ I forgot what I was saying as soon as I saw him.

The object of my obsession.

He was the walking dream of every girl. He had curly brown hair that most of the girls envied, sparkling green eyes, and dimples that looked like it was carved by the angles themselves and full pink lips that made me want to do wicked things with it.

I was so caught up in staring at him; I forgot that we were soaking wet from the rain! 

I was finally able to stop dreaming about our wedding night and answer him in a full sentence.

"Oh sorry.. about staring at you. It's just seem like ages since I last saw a human being."

 I have to play it cool; boys love girls who play hard to get.. or at least that what my best friend Helena told me.

"I would love it if you helped me; my car is refusing to start.” I said, smiling at him.

"Oh, let me check it out." he said with a smile that gave me a glimpse of those god forsaken dimples.

He popped open the hood and the hot air came rushing out which made his shirt cling  more to his muscles and made them more refined.

Oh god, I am going to lose my mind if I kept staring at him.

"I'm afraid that I won't be able to fix it." he said in a resigned tone.

"What do you mean, you won't be able to fix Belinda?!” I shouted the last part.

He suddenly let out a laugh. "You call your car Belinda?! Well, that's stupid."

 "No, you didn't! You maybe too hot for your own good, but under any circumstances, I will not let you call my baby Stupid and hurt her feelings! If it's anything, you are the stupid one!“ I was shouting so loud by now I was sure the big guy upstairs heard me.

 Oh shit! Why did I have to insult him? It's the stupid tongue of mine that has no filter. I just had to ruin my only help!

Ugghhhhhh! I need gummy worms! They will make everything better.


"Look, miss, whatever your name is, I’m sorry, I was just trying to help. I didn't know you were sensitive about your dead car. We need to go back to my car or else we're going to have hypothermia. I don't want to be dead because of you, but my mom raised me to be a gentleman and help damsels in distress." he said.


I could sense that he was getting frustrated every second he was standing in the rain.


"Okay, fine. I’m sorry.. and If you, kind sir, approve, I would like to hitch a ride with you to the nearest motel so I can call someone to pick me up and take my car to the nearest dealership.“I said mockingly.


“And how do I know that you are not a serial killer or a stalker?" He smirked while asking.


“I promise you, I am not a serial killer, and if I was I wouldn't kill you; you are too hot for that." I spat.


Shit! What did I just say? I have to keep it cool, play hard to get.. but it’s too hard! I think the rain is messing with my brain.. oh god could it be...


"Do you think the rain has tiny people in it who can get into your brain and control you?" I asked with a serious expression on my face.   I mean, it can be, right?   Suddenly he started to laugh so hard.   "What? Did I say something funny? If there are tiny people in my hair just nod twice.” I said in a serious tone.   "No, there are no tiny people standing on your head. Don’t worry about it, just get in the car so we can warm up. “He said between laughs.   Good. No tiny people.   I opened his car door and remembered that I forgot something.   "Hey, wait. I forgot something important.'' I said.   I got out of his car, went to mine and opened the door. I found my gummy worms in the front seat and took them before I went back into his car and saw that he had changed his wet hoodie into a dry one and was holding a sweatshirt for me. I was doing the Macarena inside my head, or at least I thought I was. "Why are you dancing the Macarena?" He asked, chuckling.   I am blushing so hard right now! I think I looked like a tomato! Oh god, I've never blushed so much before.   "Oh.. I don't know. Who left your cage door open?" I snapped.   Dammit! If I want my plan to work and make him fall in love with me, I need to stop doing that.   "Oh, the kitty cat has claws! I’m impressed.. Just wear the damn thing already! I promise I won't fucking look!“ he replied angrily then rolled his eyes.   "Not that you have much to look at.” he muttered under his breath.   I decided that I should ignore the last part for his sake and I took off my old hoodie then wore his sweatshirt. As soon as I put it on his musky scent enveloped me.   "I'm Harry, by the way. Harry Styles. What's your name?"   Yeah, as if I didn't know that.   "I'm Selena. It's nice to meet you, Harry." I smiled briefly.   He nodded at me then as soon as he turned on the radio, the Crazy Kids song by Ke$ha blasted through the car. And me being me, of course.. I screamed and started to sing along. He suddenly started leaning in to my seat and I became hypnotized.   Oh my god! He's going to kiss me! YAY!   I mean, I thought so.. that he was leaning in for kiss and I would have been happy to oblige!   But.. I was disappointed when all he did was put on my seatbelt!   Really?! Are you kidding me?   I again decided to ignore it, so I won't attack him in his car.   "Okay. This is going to be one hell of a ride." he said and gave me his trade mark smirk.   Oh, I promise you, Mr. Styles, this will be one hell of a ride, alright! And I am not just talking about the car..
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