Concrete Angel (connor franta fan fiction)

Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
~Martina Mcbride concrete angel

This is my temporary home it's where I belong windows and rooms that I'm passing through
~temporary home Carrie underwood

This story will contain a few abuse scenes and some sexual abuse

This is Also gonna be a Connor Franta fan fiction so stay tuned!


7. chapter 3

"Connor!" he said proudly."Well now that we have introduced ourselves may I please help you with your bags princess Addison" he said begging. "Alright,thank you prince Connor!" We both laughed.

"So Addison, what do you like to do?" he asked. "Well, not much I like doing art,and writing music but that's about it." I replied. "What do you like to do Connor?" "I like making youtube videos. In fact i'm actually on youtube my channel connorfranta,i'm sure you have heard of me right?" "No sorry." I said

"Well you get to now Addison" he said flashing that perfect charming smile again. We finally arrived at my dorm. "Well Addison I guess i will be seeing you around" he said. "Yeah, I think so.." i shyly said. "Addison don't think I better see around a lot in fact there is a bonfire tonight would you maybe come with me?" Sure why not!" I said smiling. "Great I will pick you up at six okay!" "Okay" I said

"Bye Addison see you later tonight." Bye Connor!" I waved back at him. I got to my dorm, used my key and opened the door. My roomate was in there. "OMG HI you must be Addison i'm Daniella!" she said pulling me into a hug. "Yeah that's me!" I said. "It's so great to finally meet you!!"She said smiling. "So have you seen any cute guys around here?" "Well there's this one guy.." 

"Oooo girl come on fill me in!!!" "Well his name is um connor.."

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