Concrete Angel (connor franta fan fiction)

Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
~Martina Mcbride concrete angel

This is my temporary home it's where I belong windows and rooms that I'm passing through
~temporary home Carrie underwood

This story will contain a few abuse scenes and some sexual abuse

This is Also gonna be a Connor Franta fan fiction so stay tuned!


5. chapter 2

It was an 1 hour before my flight was ready to leave so I decided to stop and get something yummy to eat! I decided to get some panda that was in there. After I finished my meal I went to go get a couple things. Like gum,snacks,water,and a travel pillow.

*20 minutes later*

It was finally time to board my plane to Minnesota Which was gate c.

During the flight I just listened my music and fell asleep.

Funny how time passes, the guy next to me nudges me and says we are about to land.

I nodded and took out my headphones and got ready for the landing.

We finally landed and I was heading to go get my luggage.After I had got my luggage I headed to my cab which was going to take me to Minnesota college.

30 minutes later we finally arrived at Minnesota college

It was big beautiful and the freshmen campus was very nice.

The taxi man helped me with my bags and then he drove off.

I decided to go to the administrative office to pick up my dorm room key.

"Hi I'm Addison Carter I need to pick up my dorm key!" I said cheerfully

"Ah ok Ms.carter here it is! Room 435!" She said with a bright smile

"Thank so much!" I said with a smile

"No problem doll face!" the lady said and she smiled

As I was exiting the building I felt someone bump into me

"I'm so sorry!" He said

"It's alright." I replied shyly

"Can I repay you with helping you with your luggage?"

"Sure.." I hesitated a little.

"What's your name?" The tall boy said

"Um Addison.." I said stuttering

"Addison is a very pretty name don't let anyone tell you different Hun!" He said

"Umm thanks.... I guess" I said shyly

"No need for the "I guess" it was a compliment!" He said with a bright charming smile.

This made me smile a little.

"Oh no I'm sorry!!" He said

"What's wrong?" I asked confused

"I forgot to tell you my name!"

"Well ok what is it?"

"Connor" he said proudly

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