Concrete Angel (connor franta fan fiction)

Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
~Martina Mcbride concrete angel

This is my temporary home it's where I belong windows and rooms that I'm passing through
~temporary home Carrie underwood

This story will contain a few abuse scenes and some sexual abuse

This is Also gonna be a Connor Franta fan fiction so stay tuned!


3. chapter 1

Ever since I was younger my life has been well,hard. I didn't really have I child. The abuse started when I was about at least 4 yrs of age. I remember it crystal clear. My mom left me and my dad. I guess she couldn't handle him anymore by the way he treated her. All I remember of him and her was the night I was is bed. I heard what sounded like yelling,glass breaking, and well sobbing.That was the night my mom left us.My dad sexually,verbally and physically abuses me. He also well..... Raped me one time luckily I didn't end pregnant. The neighbors came right he could well do his "business" but he did do other stuff I would not like to talk about at all.

Luckily I'm going off to college in Minnesota. So I can get away from this fucking shithole. Also I can get away from the old dickhead who practically ruined my life.

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