Concrete Angel (connor franta fan fiction)

Through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone
~Martina Mcbride concrete angel

This is my temporary home it's where I belong windows and rooms that I'm passing through
~temporary home Carrie underwood

This story will contain a few abuse scenes and some sexual abuse

This is Also gonna be a Connor Franta fan fiction so stay tuned!


4. chapter 1 continued

"Addison get down here you little slut get your flat ass down here" shouted my dad

"Ok" I yelled back and rolled my eyes

"Do you have all your bags" he said

"Yup" I said

"Bye dick head" I said

Immediately my dad walked over with a beer in his hand and slapped right across the face leaving a stinging pain

"Listen to me babe get out now before I really do hurt you he said" my dad said furiously,his breath smelled like raunchy cheap beer. It was nasty

I quickly ran out and saw the taxi and smiled a little finally know I was out if this place forever.

The taxi drive was super nice we cracked jokes all the way to the North Carolina airport. He was like the father I wish I had.

He also told me about his daughters ally and Amanda he calls them his princesses.His wife on the other hand has cancer right now he told me about her. Her name was penny and she was beautiful even without hair. He says she was the love of his life.

We finally got to the airport he helped me with his luggage and he hugged me and we said our goodbyes. I watched him drive away and then I turned and walked into he airport

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