Day in the life of C.C Lee

This is about a girl named C.C Lee. She is the sixth member of One Direction. Also the
Fiance of Niall Horan. This story is going to take you into the life of C.C Lee and how she copes with not only being a fiance but a popstar along side with her band members.


3. Day 2: Time to go

C.C Pov: 

*Beep Beep Beep*

Ugh my stupid alarm.

I smacked it off and went to my bathroom that was connected to my room.

I took a shower and put on some sweat pants and one of Niall's Shirts and put my sneakers on and put my hair up in a high messy ponytail. 

When I looked at the time it was 5:30 AM. Then I realized that today is the day we start our tour. Today we won't really do anything we just gotta fly out to London and get on our bus. 

Me and the boys are supposed to be at the airport at seven. But the hard part is getting the boys up. I decided to wake the boys up so we won't be late and get yelled at again. 

I walked out my room and walked next door to Liam's room. I opened the door to see Liam cuddling with his dog Loki. 


I walked next to his bed and started poking his shoulder.

Me: Li *poke*


Me: Li*poke* wake up come on

Liam: mmmmm 

Me: Liam* poke* 

Liam: what *groggily*

Me: Come on wake up, We gotta be at the airport at seven, and I have to wake the other boys up.

Liam: ok  

Me: good can you please get in the shower and get ready

Liam: ok * gets up*


I walk out and I go into Louis's room.

Me: Lou *poke*


Me: Louis *poke poke*

Louis: uhh what *groggily*

Me: wake up 

Louis: Why *whines*

Me: because you have to get in the shower and get ready and eat breakfast

and we have to be at the airport at seven.

Louis: Nooooo

Me: Louis come on i'm not gonna tell you again.

Louis: ughh

Me: Louis i'm gonna go wake the others, if i come back here and you are still laying in gonna be six feet under and i'm gonna be on the first 48 i'm not playing. i ain't scared to go to jail again.

Yes I know what you guys are thinking, She went to jail? and yes I have three times actually, the first time was assault, assault with a weapon, and possession of a weapon. Well what can you do when you were born and raised in like the toughest city New York City. 

Louis: ok ok* gets up*

Me: thank you 

I walked towards the door when he stopped me.

Louis: aww C.C what no good morning kiss?

Me: yea bend over i'll give it to you 

I walked out his room and turn into the hallway that leads to Zayn, Niall,and Harry's rooms. 

I decided to wake Zayn up last, cause he never wants to get up.

I walked into Harry's room and did the same to him.


Then i did Niall and Zayn. And finally everybody is up, showered, and now are eating breakfast.

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