Day in the life of C.C Lee

This is about a girl named C.C Lee. She is the sixth member of One Direction. Also the
Fiance of Niall Horan. This story is going to take you into the life of C.C Lee and how she copes with not only being a fiance but a popstar along side with her band members.


4. Day 2: Time to go pt 2

C.C Pov: 

Me: alright boys let's go we got 30 mins to get to the airport!!!!!

Once i said that Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry came down.

Me: Wait..we're missing one....LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!!!

Louis: What!

Me: LET'S GO!!!

Louis: 5 more mins!!!

Me: I'm gonna count to three...1

Louis: Go ahead I'm not scared!!!

Me: 2 *pulls out gun and cocks it*

Louis runs down stairs

Louis: Ok ok 

Me: I told you don't play with me


We all walked out the house and into my car...of course i'm driving because i don't allow none of the boys to drive my Ferrari.

Once we made it to the airport we got our tickets and boarded the plane. Me and Niall sat together, Louis and Harry in front of us, and Zayn and Liam behind us.


Niall: babe *looks at me*

Me: baby *looks at Niall*

Niall: i'm bored

Me: we've been on the plane for 10 mins *laughs*

Niall: so I'm bored 

Me: go to sleep

Niall: mmmm noo

Me: well i don't know what to tell you.

*2 hours later still on the plane*


I was on my phone when i felt something hit my head. I looked up and saw Louis throwing chips behind his shoulder.

Me: *gets up* Give it

Louis: what no

I fought with Louis for like 5 mins trying to get the chips out his hand finally he let go.

Me: You are a man child.

Louis: *smirks* you know when a girl constantly hits on a guy it means she has a crush on him

Me: yea but i wasn't hitting on a guy i was hitting on you..and fyi if i wanted to be with you i would have but i chose Niall over you..what does that tell you

Harry: Ooooh you just got burned.

Louis: shut up Harry *hits his shoulder*

Harry: you shut up* hits him back*

Me: *hits both in the back of the head* you both shut up

*4 hours later*

C.C Pov: Ugh finally off the plane, I was so uncomfortable, I had Niall laying on me the entire ride. We were now walking out the airport with our bags and to our buses. We have three buses, Bus 1 is Zayn and Louis, Bus 2 is me and Niall, and Bus 3 is Liam and Harry. 


Me and Niall held hands walking out the airport, with the rest of the boys following behind, fans surround us and yelled, we made it to our bus safely. Once inside i jumped on the couch and layed down. Niall walked in and sat next to my head.


C.C: ughh we made it 

Niall chuckled

C.C: I don't think I'll get used to this

Niall: used to what

C.C: this.. the fans, the shows, the traveling, I love every minute, it just gets so surreal sometimes.

Niall: I know

C.C: I can get used to this the silence.

???: HEYYYY!!!

Niall: spoke to soon

I sat up to see the rest of the boys and their girlfriends Eleanor, Perrie, and Sofia. I gave them each a hug and sat back down next to Niall and put my legs over his lap.


Eleanor: um excuse me Mrs. Horan but lets see the ring. *giggles*

C.C: oh yea you guys didn't see it yet *shows engagement ring*

*girls freak out*

Eleanor: congrats guys 

Me and Niall: thanks

Perrie: have you started planning yet

C.C: yea i did a little

Sofia: wait I gotta know are you going to take Niall's last name

C.C: yea 

Eleanor: well she has to doesn't she

C.C: I don't have to if I don't want to, I can still be legally married to him without me having his last name.


After 10 mins of talking me and Niall zoned out the conversations and started a conversation of our own.

Niall: I love you 

C.C: I love you too


Niall phone rings

Niall: mom says hi 

C.C: tell her i said hi, your mom loves me

Niall: course she does your the daughter she never had.

C.C: haha yea im pretty cool

Niall: your not cool 

C.C: yes i am *pouts* 

Niall: Your awesome babe

C.C: *smiles* 




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