Day in the life of C.C Lee

This is about a girl named C.C Lee. She is the sixth member of One Direction. Also the
Fiance of Niall Horan. This story is going to take you into the life of C.C Lee and how she copes with not only being a fiance but a popstar along side with her band members.


1. Day 1: Packing

C.C Lee pov:

It's time...yup that's right packing time. Me and the boys are going on our new tour, The Where We Are Tour. If you don't already know I'm C.C and I am the sixth member of One Direction. I am also the current fiance of Niall Horan. That's right me and Niall are engaged. 

If you guys are wondering how he proposed I'll tell you. During our movie premiere of This Is Us we were on stage answering questions and talking about the movie, when Louis turned to Niall and said that Niall has something to say. When I turned to face Niall he was in front of me on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever. He then ask the question, of course me I yelled through the mic yes. So yea, me and Niall decided to have the wedding in 2015 before our other new tour On The Road Again. So if you know about our other tour and you are going just know that I will be married by then. 


My Engagement Ring:



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