My Bully

This story is one of the most important things to me. I put a lot of work in the storyline and the plots and the problems and all the other stuff. Hope you guys like it :)

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1. Crazy Of You ❤️



"Are you listening to my heart? Are you looking at my tears?

Only one in the world, just one and I need it to be you

Why do you keep running away from me? Why do you keep getting far from me? Stay by my side, hold my hand, if you love me

Can I hug you just once? Can I say my last goodbye?

Don’t forget the loving memories, the happy memories

You drive me crazy, you make me cry. You’re close as if I can catch you. But when I do, you get far away like the wind

Some day, when we meet again, let’s not say goodbye

Words that my heart say, I love you

Words that my tears say, I’m sorry

No matter how much I pick them up and put them in, words spill out

Love is what I do alone, love only leaves tears

A crappy, foolish love" - Hyorin


Hi guys!!! So this is my second movella. Hope you guys enjoy

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