Pretty much just some poems made by me.


1. Invisible

I walk alone in the halls.

I sit and stare from the wall.

They walk through me, they don't know,

What I really want to show.

They ignore me and what I have to say.

Why would they care anyway?

They judge me on my looks.

Don't judge the cover on the book.

I'm invisible, yes it's true,

And there's nothing I can do.

They say I'm stupid and a coward,

That's not true, I'm just a wallflower.

I sit all by myself at school,

Maybe they're right, I am just a fool.

And now I sit and wonder again,

"When will judging finally end?"

But alas, it will never.

I know that it will last forever.

But, please, try not to,

It would be the least you could do.

Get to know the "nerds" or the "freaks",

Before you decide that they're just geeks.

There will always be a sadness,

In this world of eternal madness.

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