It was all a Mistake (5sos/1D)

"Chrissy, I need to tell you something..."
"Your father wants to see you."

Christina Fair, or as she prefers, Chrissy Fair, has lived her whole life without her father. She knows little of him, but she does know that he is a very succesful man.
She now has to make her decision. Does she want the man, who gave up on her when she was a baby, to be a part of her life?


4. The other side of the road.




I just stand there, staring at him. Was I supposed to be following him now?

I turn around, and walk the opposite way he had gone. I look behind myself, and thank God that they hadn't noticed me walking away.

I quickly turn a corner, and speed walk, hoping to get far enough away from them, before they notice me gone. I think I hear them talking, and quickly walk faster. I turn another corner, and see my house at the end of the road. “Have I already walked this far?” I think to myself. I run towards my house, and quickly lock up my door.

After slamming the door, the silence of the house makes me realize that my heart is pounding. I sigh, relieved.

What the hell did those guys think? That I would just be like, “yeah, sure. Why shouldn't I follow some really weird guys, in the middle of the night? What could possibly be strange with that?”

I sigh, and walk into the living room. Knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep yet, I find out a blanket, and sit on the sofa. I take the remote off the coffee table, and turn on the television.


I wake up the next morning, the television still turned on. I guess my mother had a night shift. I turn off the television, and grab my Nokia phone of the table. Since the curly haired guy snatched my Samsung Galaxy the other night, I've had to cope with my old Nokia. I unlock it, and see that it's only 5am. I lazily wrap the blanket around my shoulders, and lazily stand up.

Walking past the hallway window, I see a person standing by his car, on the other side of the road. I walk closer towards the window, and see that it's the bartender from the other night. I have never seen him here before.. “Perhaps he's visiting family? Or perhaps a friend?” I whisper to myself, and decide that that must be it.

I walk up the stairs, and into my bedroom. I lie down on my bed, and push of the blanket I took from downstairs, only to take the blanket on my bed, and lay it on me.

After a short while, I fall asleep.


When I woke up, the first thing I did was to see if the guy was still standing. He did not. Now another dark haired guy stood there, by his motorbike. He looks a bit Asian look. But I don't he is though. Perhaps he's from Hawaii or something. Don't they look a bit alike? Or perhaps I am completely wrong. I often happens that I am.

I keep glancing through the window, to see if he's still there. He is there every time. I decide that I will call Addy.

“Hi Addy, do you want to go out for lunch?”

“Yes! I am so hungry, and we have literally no food!” She says, sounding a bit desperate for food.

“Alright great, I'm walking to your house, then we can decide where to go.” I say, happy that she hadn't eaten lunch yet. “Okay, I'm waiting.” She says, with a creepy “flirtatious” voice. I laugh, then hang up the phone.

I find some money for lunch, then walk out to grab my shoes and jacket. After putting them on, I walk out the front door.

Realizing that I forgot the keys to lock up, I quickly run back inside. I find the keys on the dinner table, and run back outside, lock the door, and down to the street.

I notice the guy, paying quite a lot of attention to me. I walk toward him. “Can I help you?” I ask as kindly as possible. “You've been out here for quite a while now. Are you lost, or perhaps waiting for someone?”

“No, I'm good, thanks. I just like being here. The place relaxes me.” He says, he has an accent. I'm not sure which accent, though. 'The place relaxes me'? What the hell? Is this guy being serious right now? “Uhm, okay?” I say, feeling quite awkward. “Well, I'm leaving now. If you come here often to “relax”, I'm sure I will see you soon.” I say, and wink.

He laughs, clearly knowing, that I know, that he does not come here to relax. I just don't know why he does come here. “Yeah, I guess you will.” He says, leaning on his motorbike.


“Wow, that's actually really creepy.” Addy says. I've just told her about my run in with the curly haired guy last night. “And he just expected you to follow him?” She asks, for the third time. “Yeah. It was quite strange actually. And then there were the guys by my house this morning. That was also quite strange.” I say, thinking of the guys on the other side of the road. “Wait. There were guys by your house this morning?” She asks, looking a little afraid. “What was it you said the curly haired said?” She asks. Again. “He asked if I was Jones' stepsister. I've already told you thi...”

How did he know that? No one knew, but your father, Mrs. Smith, and Jones himself. I just don't understand.” Clearly thinking a lot of it.

I know, I asked him how he knew, and all he said was: “I have my ways” or something like that.” I say, now also thinking of how strange it was. “Well, I'm not hungry anymore. You finished soon?” Addy asks, clearly affected by what I told her. This girl did not turn down food. Ever.

I'm finished.” I say, while pushing my plate away from myself.

Alright. Your house?”

Yeah sure.” I say, already putting on my jacket.


Hey Addy, he finally left!” I yell to her. “Really?! It's about time! How much time does he need to relax?!” She yells back from the kitchen, where she is making some popcorn.

We had decided that we'd watch the guy. To see if he would ever leave. And had then later decided, that we might as well have some popcorn, while watching such “entertainment”.

I walk into the kitchen, to see if Addy had set anything on fire. It would, surprisingly, not have been the first time.

She had not set anything on fire. She was currently opening the bag with the popcorn, to pour into a bowl.

When the popcorn was ready, we walked back into the living room. “Wait, Chrissy. Do you see that?” She asks, pointing towards the window. And yet again, a guy stood there by his car, on the other sid of the road. “Okay, now it's getting really creepy.”

Yeah, I agree.” Addy says, walking closer to the window. “The guy is looking straight towards us.” She says, surprised. “What?” I say, also walking closer towards the window. “Look.” She says, pointing towards the guy. I look, and immediately recognize the guy standing there. “That's the guy!” I say loudly. “That's the curly haired guy! That's the guy!” I say again.

That's him?” She asks, as if not understanding what I had just told her. “Yes! That's him! I'm going out there.” I say, determined to find out what was going on. “Wait! You can't just go out there! What if he's a murderer? What if that's exactly what he wants?” She asks, not wanting me to go out there.

Well I don't want guys standing outside my house 24/7, so I'm going to ask him if he knows anything of it.” I say, putting on some shoes. “I'll be right back.” I say, walking through the front door, and towards the curly haired guy.

What the hell is going on?!” I ask, as soon as I reach him. “I don't know, love. What is going on?” He asks, smirking. “The guys outside my house all day? Are you telling me that you know nothing of it?” I ask, looking at him expectantly. “Oh, I know very much of it. I set it up.” I look at him, surprised. “You set it up? Why?”

Well, you clearly didn't want to follow me last night, so I had to come up with another method of keeping an eye on you.” He says, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. “I'm doing fine. So tell your puppies that they can stop being all creepy, and tell them they don't need to keep an eye on me anymore.”

I can't do that, love.”

And why is that?” I cross my arms across my chest. “I just can't.” He says, not bothering to give me an explanation. I sigh loudly, showing him how frustrated he makes me. I suddenly remember something else. “Do you still have my phone?” I ask him, hoping he still has it. He smirks, and puts his hand in his back pocket. He takes out his hand, and in it I see my Samsung Galaxy. “Can I have it back?” I ask, putting my hand out, so he can hand it over. “Yeah sure.” He places it in my hand. I turn around, and start walking back towards my house.

Oh, and by the way. Those were some nice selfies you had on there.” He yells. Oh lord. I look back at him, and he winks at me.

How embarrassing.


/// The fourth chapter is out!

This chapter is shorter than the third chapter, but I thought that it would be a good end to a chapter. I don't know.


You may very well tell me if I'm doing something entirely wrong, but please try to say it in a nice way?


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