It was all a Mistake (5sos/1D)

"Chrissy, I need to tell you something..."
"Your father wants to see you."

Christina Fair, or as she prefers, Chrissy Fair, has lived her whole life without her father. She knows little of him, but she does know that he is a very succesful man.
She now has to make her decision. Does she want the man, who gave up on her when she was a baby, to be a part of her life?


2. A little party never killed nobody.





”Chrissy, you have to make a choice!” I was speaking with my best friend Addy, ”it's been a month already, and I don't want you to be like this.” I take the phone from my ear, and look at it, a bit insulted by what she said. “What do you mean, 'I don't want you to be like this'? What's that supposed to mean?” I say, still a little insulted. “Haven't you noticed? You've been acting differently. You're so quiet all the time, and you keep dozing off.” She said. And now that I thought of it, it was very true.“No one can blame you, though. But you really need to make a decision. Your father deserves an answer, whether it's that you want to see him, or not.”

“That man does not deserve anything! It was his choice to leave me and my mother! I wasn't even born! He is only a name on a birth certificate.” I said, having mixed feelings, I was mad, but also a little sad. “Why am I even considering this?” I said, so quietly that I wasn't sure if Addy heard me through the phone. “Because he is the name on your birth certifi-cate.”


I'm walking through the crowded streets of London. Wearing a pair of running tight, and a hoodie, I feel a bit strange among these people. Apparently a new club has opened, just a few blocks from here, and around me are people wearing clothes that show that that's exactly where they are going, the short tight dresses on the girls, and the really high heels, that make me wonder if the girls will be able to walk, when they're also intoxicated. I walk towards a small cafe, at the corner of the street, and walk inside. I walk towards the counter, and order a cappuccino.

I sit myself by a small round table, by the window, and take out my phone. I go on Ibooks and find the book that I'm currently reading: Looking for Alaska. God this book is heartbreaking. Alaska and Miles were just watching some pornfilms, and Alaska, being the way she is, is saying everything they are doing wrong. I laugh out loud, just as the waiter comes over with my coffee. I send him a smile, which he returns before walking back up to the counter.

I sit in the cafe for a while, sipping my cappuccino, and reading. When I'm finished drinking, I lay down a 20 pound, and walk out through the door.


I'm now sitting by my desk, on my computer. I go on google, and type in 'Charles Smith', and hesitate on whether I should press 'enter', or not.

Right when I'm about to press, my phone rings. “Hello?”

Hey Chrissy, how about we go clubbing, you know, to get your mind off things?” I hear Addy on the other end, rambling on and on. I guess she really wants to go clubbing. “You know, there has just opened a new club, not too far from your house, and I thought that we could check it out, you know, alcohol really helps when you have a lot on your mind and...”

Addy, I will go with you, but you don't have to keep saying that it's for me, because I have a lot on my mind. I know you, and that means that I know very well that 90% of why you want to go, is because the reputation of this club is really good, and the last 10% is because you know that I have a lot on my mind.” I say to her through the phone. “Okay, you got me. But at least there were 10% actually thinking of your needs too.” She says, playfully. “Alright alright, when will you be here?” I ask, and right then I hear the door slam shut. Someone run up the stairs, and then the door opens, and there stands Addy. “Already am.” She says, then turns around, and runs towards the bathroom.

I stand up, and walk towards the bathroom door, “Addy, I have nothing to wear!” I yell to her. “It's in my bag, right by your bedroom door!” she yells back, and I quickly walk back to my bedroom. I look inside her bag, and take out a beautiful black, long sleeve, lace dress. I also find a dark blue one,and quickly decide that Addy should have the blue one, and I the black one. She would look better with the blue one, because it matches her dark blue eyes, and her light brown hair. My eyes, being brown and my hair a darker brown, would look much better with black.

I find out my white Converse, and decide that I will wear them. I do not want to be like those girls, who were wearing high heals that were really hard to walk in, and even harder when you're intoxicated.


After waiting for Addy for about fifteen minutes, she walks out through the bathroom, looking absolutely gorgeous. Her light brown hair was in her natural curls, the blue dress making her eyes pop, and the heels making her legs look even longer than before.

I look down at myself, and feel a bit short. I wasn't short, but next to Addy, I looked to be really short. I push away the thought, and quickly run inside the bathroom, find out my make up, and start putting on some mascara, then take out my red lipstick, and put it on my lips. After cleaning some mascara off my eyelids, I walk out of the bathroom, and towards the kitchen, only to see Addy sitting there, taking a big bite of a sandwich. “Oh right, always remember to have a full stomach before drinking alcohol, or you'll throw up the next day.” I say out loud, not to anyone specific.

I find some bread and some nutella, and put the nutella on the bread, then I take a big bite of it.

After eating our food, Addy walks into the living room, to call a cab. We can't drive to the party, when we're going to drink alcohol. We are actually that smart.


Addy pays the cabdriver, and we step out of the cab. I look at my surroundings and see a big house infront of me. People are standing outside, some chatting, some flirting and some snogging, just like every party. I quickly took out my phone, and texted my mother: I've gone out with Addy. I'll just sleep at her house.


After some drinks, I was now in the middle of the dance crowd, dancing with Addy. We weren't the worst dancers. Those dancing classes really payed off, too bad I couldn't afford to take them anymore.

We were moving our bodies up against each other. What can I say? We were really drunk..

I left Addy, to get a drink from the bar. Apparently these people were really rich, I mean, they had a bar for Gods sake! WITH BARTENDERS!

I try to squeeze my way to the front, and was very successful. I might have elbowed some people in the ribs, but hey, I needed a drink. I try to get the bartenders attention, but he was very busy flirting with a blonde girl, who had a lot of cleavage showing, if I might add.

HEY! BARTENDER! THERE'S A HUGE LINE! COULD YOU PERHAPS FIND HER WHEN YOUR SHIFT IS OVER?!” I yell over the loud crowd of drunk teenagers. The bartender didn't seem to notice though, and just kept flirting with the blonde girl. I squeeze myself, now towards where the bartender stands, until I finally stand right beside the blonde. “Hi,” I said to the blonde. “Could you perhaps just give him your number, and go somewhere else to wait for his shift to be over? Because there's a huge line, waiting for him to give them drinks, and you're distracting him a bit.” I say to her, smiling at the end. She gives me a strange look, then takes a napkin off the table and writes down her phone number with an eyeliner. I quickly thank her, and turn towards the bartender. “I would like two mojitos, thank you.” I said, looking at the bartender. “You do realize that you just cost me a bird.” He says, his brown eyes showing a bit of irritation. “Yes I do, but you could easily pick her up again when your shift ends. The girl is really into you.” I say, and send him a wink. He looks very irritated by now. What the hell? I just gave him a compliment. “Why are you so irritated? I just gave you a compliment.”

I just don't like it when girls like you, come here and scare my bird away.” Girls like me? What is that supposed to mean?

I now look at him irritated, and say again. “I would like two mojitos, thank you.” He sighs, the starts to make the drinks. I look at him, and notice that he is actually quite handsome. His beard stubble shows his high cheekbones. His big brown eyes, are also very beautiful. Too bad he's not my type.

He finally hands me my drink, and I walk away from the bar. I search the room for Addy, but can't find her anywhere.

Finally after searching for about ten minutes, I finally spot her in the corner of the room. She sits with some guys, laughing, and clearly drunk. I walk toward them, and when I reach them, she stands up and hugs me. “Guys, this is my best friend Chrissy. Chrissy, these are the guys.” She says. I send them a quick smile, then turn to Addy. “Addy, who are these guys?” I ask her. She looks up at me, then smiles very happily. “I just met them, aren't they nice?” She asks. Okay, something is up. “Yeah, yeah, really nice.” The guys start laughing, because Addy, starts to wobble around like an idiot. “Okay, what the hell did you guys put in her drink?!” I ask, now really mad. They just laugh even harder. I walk towards the first guy I see, the curly haired one. “What the hell did you guys put in her drink?” I ask him, looking in his eyes with a threatening look. He stops laughing, and looks at me. “We didn't put anything in her drink, there was another guy she was dancing with a while ago. He put some pill in it. I don't know where he is now. Relax.” He said the last thing with a lazy tone to it. “RELAX?! Are you serious?! I need to get her to a hospital! She's allergic to many types of pills! So YOU are not allowed to tell me to relax!” I yell.

I quickly find out my phone, and dial 911. “911, what's your emergency?” The curly haired guy quickly snatches my phone, and hangs up. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I say. He starts to say something, but I quickly cut him off. “Where's Addy?” I quickly ask, when I can't see her anywhere in the room. I start panicking. “Hey, we'll find her.” He says, and starts to take hold of my shoulders, but I quickly shrug his hands off. “NO! You have done enough! I will find her, and if she's in really bad shape, I will blame you, for not letting me call for an ambulance. Keep that on your conscience.” I say, and run out of the room, to search for Addy.



/// Okay, so here's the first chapter.

Hope you like it ;P




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