I'm Tessy Sun. I escaped from an insane asylum.


1. Max

Tessy's P.O.V

         I have to run. Run away from everything. I have to find my family and friends. Maybe I can start off where I left off. Or maybe not. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, well no duh. I was  put into an insane asylum, but it wasn't my fault. I never even heard of that family, so how did I kidnap them? Apparently all signs pointed to me but I was framed. I was framed by HIM. His name is Harry. And I hate his guts.


We met in an alley. I was walking home and he was doing something and I tripped and he caught me. Oh so ciche. Not a romantic movie.  After that, I never saw him again.


      I have to find my family. But what if they forgot about me. "TESSY!" My best friend Max said. He was my best friend through everything and we met in kindergarden. (A/N Max is played by Conner Franta.) I turned to face him, we were in the middle of the road, everyone in the insane asylum had escaped and were trying to find their families. Luckily, I had found Max. But only because he was shopping right by the asylum.

"Yea." I said as he got closer.

" What are you looking for?" Max asked.

      " My family." I replied as I looked to the ground. "Do you know where they are?"

"Tess, they're dead.'' He said with no emotion. What? They can't be.

"No." I covered my mouth with my hands as the tears flooded down my cheeks. "What happened?''

"They were murdered."

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