Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


11. Unexpected Changes

We were finally home I was awake all the time in the plane because I was seeing things while Harry was sleeping

"Harry Harry wake up or I will punch you in the face" I said tired but almost laughing

"Wha what time is it where am I" he said tiredly

"Were almost landing sweetheart" I said sarcastically

"Did u just call me sweetheart" he said smiling a little bit

"I said it sarcastically you douf" I replied he at last opened his eyes and the plane landed and we started to stand up to get ready but people were completely rude they all pushed me aside and let Harry walk out first it's not like he's a prince or something and when they all we're out there was a person next to me

"I suppose you're going to go first" I huffed

"No ladies first and that's no way to treat a lady" I blushed by his choice of words

"What a gentleman" I say and walk out and he behind me

"By the way I'm jake"he said holding out his hand I decided to tell him my real name because I felt that I could trust him

"I'm Kat" I replied

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl"he said making me blush

"I'm not beautiful I don't feel it" I say looking down

"Don't say that about yourself you're naturally beautiful" he replies

"Thank you"I reply

"Hey you get away from her" I hear a shouting I look at the where the voice is shouting and I look and I feel shocked the voice that was calling was Harry

Harry's P.O.V

The plane landed and we were getting up and when we were walking people were pushing Laila aside and putting me first I try to grab her but people were pushing me out and I was totally out of the plane I looked away to try to find her but people were starting to take autographs with me and reporters suddenly appear

"Were here with the famous and only Harry styles one of the one direction band tell me how did it feel when you were kidnapped" the reporter asked me

"Well I was a little worried but then I wasn't wen I found out I wasn't alone and we became good friends and we escaped and came here together" I replied

"What's her name and where is she"the reporter asked me

I look around and I can't believe my eyes Laila was talking to another guy he was flirting with my girl technacly she isn't but still I was going to if jim and Brian didn't show up

"Hey you get away from her" I shout my lungs out and I push him away and look at Laila

"What are you doing" she shouts at me

"What am I doing what are you doing flirting with that asshole" I shout back

"That ass hole is my friend" she shouts back

"I didn't give you my permission" I shout back

"You don't tell me what to do" she shouts

"You're my girlfriend so it's my duty to tell u what to do" I shout at her

"I didn't say yes and jake was a better gentlemen than you will ever be" she shouts back I freeze at her words and on the verge of tears but I hold them back

"Then u aren't my girlfriend?" I ask scared of her response

"Apparently its not meant to be" she says and I spot a single tear falling from her eye I never saw her crying

Kats P.O.V

Apparently were not meant to be" I say hurt that he thinks that I'm like a slut a single tear rolls from my right eye but I brush it away and walk away what a jerk I said to myself I earned myself not to fall for him but I did and that's what got me to this I was better off without me but when I leave four boys approach me

"Are you okay" a blonde Irish guy ask me but I run away I can't take it anymore and run and they're after me

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