Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


16. The Rescue

Kats P.O.V

It's been six months since I was kidnapped and I never gave up hope and every single day I regret not telling Harry I wish I would just die but no luck for me and Jim added chains to the walls so I couldn't escape the hard cold metal really hurts "fuck what do I do" I said to myself

"Don't resist" Jim said walking in

"They will find me and I will return home" I said

"Sweetly this is your home enough chit chat let's have some fun" he said before ripping his clothes off then mine

"Get away from me"I said thrashing around but he was strong he put my leg on top of his shoulder then entered me not caring if I'm hurt or not

"This is for shooting me princess" he says before increasing speed I began screaming harder causing me to bleed I screamed even harder after he was finished he left me bleeding and hurt

"They will find me anyway so can you please let me go they won't come after you I promise" I say

"Like were afraid of them" Jim replied

"Please" I say with tears in my eyes

"No"he replies

And I was abused and beaten and everything possible. From two people and I was always chained so I couldn't move. And I couldn't leave. I had to take the pain.

Crazy part is that Harry never found me he never came to check the house it's April now. The boys went on tour. And they forgot about me. Six months half a year I've been 'missing'. Jim puts on the television and I hear my name echo through out the room. And I'm still here waiting.

Harry's P.O.V (Two Months After She Went Missing Date:December 26,2012)

Were currently in New Jersey . I keep my phone close waiting for a phone call since Kat was kidnapped i felt alone worthless paranoid and a nervous wreck I still have feelings for her today is my eighteenth birthday and I wish I could spend it with her but I also have a show I sighed as we started the concert and it was done and over with and finally returned to our tour bus

"We finally finished our tour" Zayn said coming and sitting beside me I just nodded

"But without her" I say before putting my head on the pillow and screamed

Kats P.O.V April

I'm getting out. I need to. I watched as him ad Brian pull out of the drive way to go to the store. I complained saying that it was hot so they opened the window I saw a man walking by

"Help Help please get me" I screamed

He stopped and looked at the window "you okay" he asks

"HELP PLEASE CALL THE POLICE" I shout I watched as he ran towards the door I hear a door falling and the door open

"You're Kat oh my god you've been missing for months" he said shocked holding his phone to his ear

"They might come back in a second are the police coming?" I asked quietly

He nodded as sirens filled the noise from outside I looked up and I saw the man running downstairs. A few policemen came upstairs as a car was pulling into the driveway. Jim and Brian were home. Finally,they were put to the back of the police car after screaming at me

"We were going to finish you off tonight"

I was supposed to die today... I shook away my thoughts as I was cut free from the chains that I spent most of my time in. I stood up ad rubbed at the marks that were planted on my hands

"Were going to take you to the hospital okay", "just to make sure that you're okay and healthy"

I nodded. An ambulance was here so I didn't have to go to the hospital they checked me and I was okay

"Am I allowed to go home?" I asked quietly but this is the problem I don't have a home any more

They nodded so I just walked away I sit down on the ground and cry my eyes out I saw a pay phone and went in and dialed Liam's number

"Hello" Liam said on the end of the line

"H-hi Liam it's me" I replied

"Kat Kat is that you Kat is safe Kat is safe" I hear him shout

"I need to see you I heard"Harry's voice

"The connection is almost out I will find a way to sleep for the night and see you all tomorrow" I say

I went to my old house talking my sister on the ground ad took my money I saved all these years and darted away I saw a hotel and went in and payed for the room and when my head hit the pillow I immidiatly fall asleep it's been ages since I slept like this

"Here's the update every body 😄😄 I wrote because I love every one of you hope you liked the chappie

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