Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


18. The Gift

I couldn't sleep every time I wake up from a nightmare I open the door and go out of the window and climb to the roof examining the stars and realize I'm not alone I look across from me seeing Harry staring at the stars


"Couldn't sleep" I ask and he wakes up from his thoughts

"Kat what are you doing here" he asks me

"Can't sleep" I reply he looks at me closely then resumes his gaze at the stars I lie down by Harry and we stay there for like ages silently but it was comforting silence until we slept into each other's arm

The Next Day

I wake up noticing that I'm in bed but I don't know how someone must've carried me I think it's Harry because we were looking at the stars someone knocks on my door

"Come in" I say and I see Harry entering with a tray of food

"What's all this" I ask him

"Our breakfast" he replies there was toast bacon and eggs juice milk sandwiches and peanut butter crackers

"I'm not hungry" I say shyly

"Don't be shy just eat with me" he says we eat together until we finish I stand up and go to the bathroom and take a shower and come out with a towel only around my waist and I find Harry In my room just staring at me

"GET OUT"I shout at him

"Harsh" he replied back and he comes over to me and kisses my forehead and leaves the room but then something hits me I don't have any clothes to wear except one that's in the washing machine and I won't wear that red dress that I got from Patricia because I don't wear dresses a lot and I prefer t shirts I hear a knock on the door

"Can I come in" Harry says

"What do you want Harry" i reply

"I got you some clothes" he replies

I unlock the door and let him in he gives me my clothes it's a plain white T-shirt and jeans and he gets out I wear them and wear my combat boots and went down stairs seeing Niall raping the fridge from it's components stuffing whatever he finds in his mouth Liam Zayn and Louis are watching t.v but I couldn't find Harry I go outside to the pool but couldn't find him I get inside go upstairs seeing Harry come out his room i hug him tightly and he hugs back

"What" he asks

"I thought I lost you" I reply

"I will be here with you forever" he replied awe we hear the boys and some picture snapping I look at them and smile

"Hey stop"I tell them

"let's go"Liam says

"where"I ask

"to the mall"he replies

"ok"I hear Harry from behind me and we go down and out of the house heading to a random car and heading to the mall after a short ten minutes we arrive at the mall and

"were gonna have so much fun"Niall says to me

"Ok" I reply happily Niall grabs my hand and rushes me to the store and picks me some random stuff like a white thirteen with jeans and brown boots and a yellow dress with sandals some pajamas underwear's you know the usual ad when we finish I see the cashier lady I run and pay her before any of them objects  they look at me with anger in their eyes 

"what I didn't murder anybody" I say and then Harry sneaks his hand around my waist holding me tightly and we head to the car and head home when we finally arrive I put my clothes in my wardrobe 

"Kat come down we have a surprise for you"they shout in unison 

"i hate surprises" I shout back

"just come down " Liam shouts I walk down the stairs swing Harry holding a cake with birthday hats streamers and a welcome home Kat sign 

"Welcome back Kat" they say tears of joy and sadness wash me happiness because they went into this trouble to celebrate my return and sadness because I didn't have a celebrations since so long Harry puts down the cake and hugs me tightly and they show me a gift I open it seeing a phone 

"What is it" I ask

"an iPhone 5S" they reply

"how much does it cost" I ask

"that's none of your business"Harry replies I get away from them and go upstairs and head to the roof looking at the sun

"Hey what happened"Harry asks

"nothing go have fun"I reply

"Not if you don't" he replies

"so can you tell me the problem"he asks 

"you mean us"I hear Liam's voice

"Liam"I manage to say

"baby girl"he replies holding me 

"tell us please" Harry asks 

"the reason I backed away is because it brings back to much memories I don't want people to spend on me take pity on me  people pass me holding some change and give it to me but I refuse it and give it to the people who need it more I can survive I  want to be treat the same as all of the other people but I see that that won't be happening" I cry in the end

"oh baby" they say In unison and hug me

"were always with you" I hear Niall say 

"you've been watching all this time" I ask

"yup"Louis replies

"well Lea get this party started"Zayn says causing us to laugh 

"I thought Niall was going to say that" I tell them

i was Zayn are you a mind reader or a siqick""Niall said and with that we continue the party in peace 



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