Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


15. Locked Away

Kats P.O.V

"Ok" I say before he punches Harry making him black out

"No stop" I hear the boys say in unison

"Stop them" Brian says I take the bow and focus the arrows

"I'm sorry Guys" I says before I shoot the arrows at their legs then I black out

Harry's P.O.V

I wake up my head is pounding what happened then I know Kat lied to me anger began to boil I stand up trying to find someone but I see the four boys on the ground with arrows on their legs they're still beer thing and didn't loose lots of blood I call an ambulance and they're being transported to the hospital with me with them they're inside and I'm sitting on a chair hoping for the best and soon I fall asleep

Kats P.O.V

I wake up tied to a bed waiting if someone's coming in or I will just have to wait

Then the door flungs open and I see Brian standing

"You've been a bad girl Kat and you will be punished" Brian says before ripping of his short and pants and soon he was just in his boxers fear began to shake me but I stay strong I will not show any fear he gets on top of me rips my shirt and pants then my bra and my panties and he rips his boxers and gets on top of me again I begin to thrash around but he enters me without a condom and kisses me

"Stop Brian STOP" I shout but I soon feel my cheeks burn he slapped me

"Talk again and I will make you wish you never we're born he continues while I cry gimbals he stops gets of of me and locks the door leaving me there naked violated and wrecked

Harry's P.O.V

I was shaken awake by a nurse

"Excuse me are you Harry Styles" the nurse asked

"Yes yes I am" I replied proudly

"Well we have good news and bad news" she said worridly

"Tell me the good news" I reply

"Well the good news is that the injury isn't major and the bad news is that they will have to wear a bandage for the next week" she replies

"Well can they get out of the hospital now" i ask

"Yeah they can" she replied we were out of the hospital and heading home

"Where's Kat"Liam asks

"What her name is Laila" Zayn said and they're all in astonishment

"I will explain" Liam says

"No let me the girl that says she is but isn't was lying to our faces the whole time and she's a worthless bitch" I reply angrily

"And how did you know her name is Kat before me" I add

"She told me and she was going to tell you tonight that's why she was crying this morning"Liam says

"Then why didn't she tell me the truth earlier" I reply angrily

"Because she didn't trust she was hurt more than you and didn't know who to trust" Liam replies

"And how did you know all that" I question him

"Because she's my daughter" Liam replies

"I know that you're pretending Liam" I reply

"She risked her life for you traded herself to save your life at least you have to try to find her" Liam replied

"Well see Liam we'll see" I say and soon anger boils inside him

Hey hey hey here's the update and they broke up 😔😔😔😔 but sorry for the cliff hanger the story needed some drama so here thank u for reading wuv ya all

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