Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


20. Harmony

We finished the party in piece with no trouble at all and went to our beds but I couldn't sleep when I try I have nightmares but then I hear the door knob open and I grasp my bow and holding the arrow waiting to set it flying at the figure but it's only Liam

"Hey" I say setting down my bow

"Hiii" he replied

"What made you come here" I ask

"I heard you scream"he replies

"Where is everyone else" I ask

"They are all sleeping except Harry he always vanishes" he replied

"Well got to sleep" I say

"I'm not letting you sleep alone I'm hear don't worry you have to trust me"he says I nod slowly and a smile of relive is plastered on his face as he lies next to me I put my head on his chest and we cuddle with each other until we fall asleep

Sorry for the short chapter i promise you that I will make it better

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