Meant To Be (5SOS Fanfiction|Ashton)

My name is Jamie Saenz I am 16 years old and a 10th grader still in high school, and I am obsessed with 5 seconds of summer I hear there music everyday , I meet my one and only true love Ashton ! we become really close we hang out we talk and laugh but there is a problem I am falling in love deeper and deeper for him but I don't know if he feels the same are we meant to be ?


3. Just a Dream .

  Jaime's POV .

   "goodnight mom" I said .

"goodnight love" my mom said .

   I was peacefully sleeping but I woke up to the crying and screams of my mom , I get up and check what was happening .

"pleas don't leave us" my mom said in tears .

"daddy your leaving us" I shout .

he looked at my mom with anger he slapped my mom across the face , I looked at him with fear , he turned and looked at me and left & never came back .

"Daddy pleas come back" I shout at him , watching him leave .

"ROBERT!!!" my mom shouts bursting in tears . I could see over and over how he slapped my mom , and me screaming don't leave come back !! .

I woke up at 4 in the morning and got my iPod and put some music I was hearing don't stop from 5 Seconds of Summer , I just love there music its inspiring . I was listening to the song and I fall back to sleep .

Next Day

 I Woke to my best friend Samantha's text messages

Samantha : hey

Samantha : wake up

Samantha : dude were going to be late

Samantha : if you don't reply I am going to hit you in the face with a pan -.- .

Jaime : I am AWAKE !!

I replied to her , I got changed into something cute I wore my high wasted jeans with my mickey mouse crop top I put my hair in a pony tail and put some mascara and lip gloss since I don't wear allot of make up only when I need it . once I was ready I went down stairs to eat breakfast .

"good morning mom" I say .

" good morning hun" my mom said .

we both sat down to eat break fast , she made some good French toast with fruit and orange juice .

"mmmmm.. that was delicious mom" I say .

"thank you hun" my mom says . 

I check my phone ,

"holly CRAP!!! bye mom i am running late" i say

 I run out the door and head to the bus station , i see Samantha and Adam .

" hey " i wave to them .

they wave back .....

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