Prepared For The World

My name is Jesse and I have cancer. Then this boy comes into my life and changes everything....<3


2. Chapter 2.

Jesse's POV

My alarm goes off and I push snooze. I'm not that much of a morning person. I love my sleep. But I have a doctors appointment and I know I have to get up so I drag myself out of bed and look at what time it is. Only 9:00am and I don't have to be there until 10:30am. I go get into the shower and do my daily routine. After I get out I put on some blue ripped jeans and a tank top. Nothing fancy. I go get something to eat from the kitchen and practically shove it into my mouth because of how hungry I feel. Get my shoes and the keys then run out the door. When I get outside there's my ex-boyfriend at my car he still has tears running down his face.


Ex-boyfriend; Please take me back Jesse! I will do anything for you!

Jesse; I can't Kevin. I have a doctors appointment to go to right now and if you don't let me in my car I will be late.

Kevin; Please (whisper)

Jesse; Kevin we will talk about this after I get back now let me in my car right now.


He starts to walk back to his house and turns around and watches me leave the drive way.


While I'm driving I see my old bestfriend Austin. Austin has been doing videos on YouTube and has been getting really big. He has always been there for me up until it came to his dreams then I called him selfish. I go past him and he waves. But I was too late to wave back. Just then I get a text message. Its probably just my doctor messaging me telling me my appointment is now. I look and in shock. I can't believe Austin is texting me again.


A; Hey Jesse! I haven't got to talk to you in a while. I just wanted to see how you are this morning and maybe this afternoon we can hangout?

J; It has been awhile huh? And I'm fine and I'd love to hangout this afternoon. I haven't heard from you in a while so it would be nice to have a catch up day with my old bestfriend.

A; Awesome and I'm really sorry about how I have been acting here lately. But be at my house at 2?

J; Sure and it's totally understandable.

A; Alright see you then! (;


After the messages I finally got to my appointment 5 minutes early.

(Skip the appointment)


I get home from my appointment and everything looks good. But it isn't gone just yet. He said I've been doing a great job fighting this. Once I go into the living room I look at the big clock on the wall and see the time and I have 10 minutes to get to Austin's house. I fix my hair and brush my teeth again so I know I don't have a nasty breath. I grab my keys and head outside. Get into my car and drive.


When I got there Austin met me outside.


A; Hey beautiful!

I start blushing and thank him.

A; So Jesse what do you want to do?

J; We can go greet Michelle and go catch up. There's something I have been meaning to tell you.

A; Oh. You sound kinda sad when you said that, is it bad?

J; It could be but it's not that bad when you hear it.

A; Alright I guess let's go.


Michelle was in the kitchen cooking lunch for Austin.


M; Hey Jesse! I haven't seen you in forever!

J; Hello Michelle!


I run and give her a hug. 


A; Mom we are going to go talk upstairs in my room.

M; Alright have fun!


We walk upstairs and sit down on his bed.


A; So what did you need to tell you?

J; Actually I wanna know how you have been?

A; Alright well I've been doing those videos on YouTube and also Ustreams and have been getting a lot of fans.

J; Nice! I always knew you had it in you!

A; Jesse can I tell you something?

He didn't seem to comfortable after saying that.

J; Yeah sure what is it?

A; Jesse, I've liked you for a long time now and I've been trying to keep it from everyone but I can't hold it in any longer. I have been thinking about you a lot and I want you to come back into my life. I miss you Jesse.

J; Austin I'm shocked.

A I know you probably are.

J; Austin you can't feel this way...

A; Why not?

J; Because I have cancer. The doctors don't know how much longer I will live....


Austin didn't talk for a while. He just started bawling. I went over and tears slipping out of my eyes were coming to. I started to rub his back to calm him down.


A; How long have you had this?

He's still crying in his talk

J; Uhm...11 months...

A; What? Why haven't you told me until now?

J; You've been so focused on your music and your dream you never seemed interested to know how I'm doing.

A; Does Keylee know?

J; Uhm no.. I can't tell her.

A; Oh...

There was silence for awhile.

A; You know I still feel the same way towards you even if you have cancer. I just feel so bad because I haven't been there for you when you've needed me the most...

J; It's fine Austin. And I like you too. I always have and always will.

Austin smiled so wide when he heard me say that.

A; Will you please go out with me?

J; Sure bestfriend (: I would love to.

A; I'll take you out tonight so go get dressed into something nice (;



Maybe a chapter before Sunday? Why not? But for sure you will be getting another one on Sunday! Hope you liked this chapter!





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