My new life

Victoria Evans, 17, virgin, good girl, never smoked or drank moves to But then she meets 18 year old Harry Styles whose the complete opposite. Will she fall for the bad boy?


2. First day

" Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeep" I finally woke up after hitting snooze on my alarm clock like 20 times until i actually checked the time and I only have 10 minutes to get ready.

I quickly ran into my closet and grabbed my light blue skinny jeans, a pink tank top, and quickly got a pair of gray vans. Than I ran to bathroom and quickly put on eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Than got dressed than I scooped up bag and car keys on the way out. I jumped into my red Convertible.




When I finally arrived I had to go to the office to get my schedule. But when I walked in I saw a tall guy with curly standing by the front desk. I might have startled him because he jumped a little and turned and that's when I realized who he was.

"Hi my name is Harry" 

" I'm Victoria as u probably know I'm new here"I answer.

"Ok well see you later Tori" He said .

"You to Harry"

That's when a lady behind the desk said " well this must be for you miss"I just said thanks and left to attempt to find my classes by myself.

I looked at the sheet of paper she gave me and saw that Math was my first class so I started looking at doors to see what room science was in but instead I found Harry standing in the hallway starring at his iPhone.


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