Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


12. The new plan of attack



The new plan of attack


We sat there until the tour guide had moved on beyond the main hall. I got up from my place on the steps.

‘What are you doing?’ Two asked as I stretched.

‘My bum hurts. Problem?’ Two shook his head.

‘Nope. Man I am starving.’ He massaged his stomach as I rolled my eyes.

‘I know where the kitchens are!’ I sang in an annoying sing song voice. Two looked up hopefully.

‘I hear the sound of food calling. Can you lead me to the food?’ I smirked.

‘Well if I was feeling kind I would say yes, but you have to catch me first.’ I ran out of the hall and into the gardens.


I kept running until I got to a quiet part of the gardens and climbed the willow tree there. He came looking seconds after I was in position. He glanced up at the tree when the wind blew through it. He started to scale it in pursuit of me but I just kept going higher. I got right to the top and stopped. Two caught up.

‘That was a good one.’ He tapped me on the shoulder. ‘Can I have my food now?’

‘Shut up.’ I hissed. ‘General Mosebush has men scouting the grounds.’ He pulled me down.

‘Stay down.’ He whispered. I ducked back down towards a lower branch.

‘What are they doing?’ He whispered. I poked my head back above the leaves beside him. The men were unloading large missiles from a lorry.

‘Sweet mother of-’ Two cut me off by placing one of his hands over my mouth. He placed a finger to my lips. I got the message and shut up. Two guards were patrolling the area below us. They were not talking very quietly.

‘What is wiv all these bombs?’ One asked. He had a strong accent and was not pronouncing his words right like he didn’t know English and had a bad tutor.

‘They are gonna start a war! I can’t wait for some real action. Fag?’ This one had a cockney accent like he had never heard anything else other than that. There was a pause.

‘Nah I am good thanks.’

‘Spitty. They are well good.’ Two looked confused. What was going on? There was the sound of a lighter flaring up and someone sighing as they exhaled. Two glanced at me. He had a plan and knowing him it was a stupid one and would result in us getting killed.


We landed in front of one very large man with bright orange straw like hair and small piggy eyes. The other man was thin and stick like. He had little hair of what I could see was black like Twos. No, Twos was nicer than his, more of a dark brown going on black.

‘Holy cow! Where di yeh come from?’ The piggy man asked. Two pointed up into the tree.

‘Up there. Now as I have the princess tell me what is going on.’ Two roughly grabbed me and placed a gun to my temple. I felt the coldness of the gun and death spreading through my body as a bullet clicked into place. I accidently let out a whimper to which Two loosened his grip on me by a fraction. The men’s eyes widened when they acknowledged me. A cigarette  fell out from between the thin man's lips. The fat one started to blubber.

‘All righ’. Well the general wants te start another war cuz then he can “accidently” kill off te royal family.’

‘The bombs?’ Two prompted.

‘Well he took ‘em and is ‘olding’ ‘em ‘ostage.’ Two fired the gun.


Two was sat on the edge on the bed I was lying on. I moved to sit up but he forced me back down.

‘What. What happened?’ Two looked shifty.

‘I shot the tree to your left making it look like a shot you because I punched you in the head.  The men ran off screaming. I hotwired the rolls royce and drove you to my families country home.’ I gingerly felt my head where there was a sharp pain. I winced as pain lanced through my head. Black spots appeared in the corner of my vision.

‘How hard did you punch me?’ I asked. The pain was making it hard to concentrate also that his hand was on my feet was slightly distracting. I had a thing about I don’t like people touching my feet. Two looked embarrassed.

‘Quite hard as you probably would not get the hint. They did start talking pretty fast though. I might also have clipped the back of your head with a bullet.’ I groaned and rolled over. Two got up quickly and walked through a door into a small bathroom I had not noticed. He came back with a glass of water and a box of painkillers. He checked a large clock on the wall.

‘Right if it is eight in the morning now your next one will be in fours hours right?’ I shrugged. Even that made my head hurt. He placed the glass on a small table beside the bed I was on and helped me into a sitting position. He handed me the glass and box. I took out one of the painkillers and took a sip of water. I looked around the room I was in. The walls were covered in blue wall paper with a few photos around the room. The double bed which I was on was pushed against a wall. With an en-suite, a large chest of drawers, a well stocked desk and everything a normal room would have. There were large windows letting lots of warm sunlight but some how it seemed off. Two moved off the bed, where he was perched beside me, towards the chair by the desk. I took another sip of water. My headache was receding to a dull throb but still there.

‘Where are we exactly?’

‘My father's country estate. On the other side of Ethelburgesa. I drove through the night and we arrived at three. I got you up here and then went to sleep.’ I took another sip of water. The pain was dulled a bit more but still at the back on of head and it hurt every time I moved.. I gently located the source of pain and found a large bump. I winced as I felt pain spasm across my face.

‘Thanks for getting me out safely.’ Two snorted.

‘Would not call what I did safe. I could have killed you.’

‘But you didn’t.’ I counter argued. He had an emotion I had never seen in his eyes before: Self Loathing.

‘But I could have.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘You are impossible.’ He flashed me a perfect smile.

‘I know I am. Now you had better get better soon as you need to get back to England.’ I pouted.

‘Do I have to?’

‘You have to pass your GCSE’s. I don’t care princess or not. You will get all As and A*s.’

 ‘And Bs?’

‘No! Just As.’ I stuck out my tongue at him as he laughed at me.


I spent all lot of time in that bed as my head got better. I contemplated everything from Boys to feelings to sports to school to food (lots of that) technology and so on. Two came and went with food but mostly stayed with me incase I needed something. He found a box of his old things in the wardrobe full of things he had before his mother died and he became a slave to his step mother.

‘Oh wow! My old school grades!’ He handed them to me. I flicked through the pieces of  school work.

‘I have literally just done this in English.’ I said pulling out an essay he had done when he was ten. Two kept going through the box pulling out different things handing them to me to look at then putting them back in the box.


He went through all the family holiday photos. The most common person was a woman who had dark hair like him and the same blue eyes, nose and chin and him. I smiled as the pictures changed from her holding Two as he played in the sea, collected shells. As the pictures changed so did Two. He looked better looking with eyes bright with intelligence and hair clipped close to his head. I smiled down at the photos.

‘Your mother looks a nice person.’ Two sighed.

‘She was. She made sure I was always dressed well and looked presentable. Even when I was ill she would miss out on social things just for me.’ I smiled.

‘Must of been nice having a loving mother.’ Two looked at me sharply.


‘My mother never cared that much for me. She wanted to get me an au pair but my father protested. So whenever I was ill father would look after me, while mother purposefully planned a trip to the Caribbean with her friends all expenses paid. Then she would come back and frowned on us for making the house getting messy.’ Two took my hand.

‘But then?’ He asked his curiosity showing.

‘Well father caught her cheating on him or something like that. They had been rocky for ages and she just tipped the boat coming home from Nonna’s house in Birmingham. When we got home she packed her bags and left. I was nine.’ He smiled at me.

‘So you grew up with your father.’ I nodded. I felt the back of my throat burning with the  tears that threatened to fall. I coughed to clear my throat and looked back down at the photos. There was a newer one right at the back. It was of a man who had thick curly black hair with a hooked nose and broad shouldered with sticky out ears like Twos; He was dressed in a cream suit with a turquoise tie and flower in his button hole. All the men in the photo were dressed the same way. A japanese woman with almost black looking eyes and long straight black hair twisted back into a knot. She was wearing an expensive white dress and a large bouquet of roses and lillies. There was snow on the ground and falling around them all. There were two japanese children in front of them next to a five year old Two. He looked less than happy at what was going on. I turned the photo around to show Two. His face grew angry and he started to run his hands through his hair.

‘My step mother. Akki. I have resented her ever since that day. That boy there Takeshi his name was. I wanted to punch in his silly face. He always beat me up. Not surprising as his name means violent, fierce and warrior. Father had the two children, Takeshi and Shinji, then decided to get married. They wanted “proper ring bearers”.’ I grabbed his hands which were wringing themselves out.
‘Two. It is okay. He is gone.’ Two stopped and looked up at me.

‘I know. I just have dreams where they come back to me and tell me I could have saved them from the fire.’

‘I still see my mother yelling at my father about my grades dropping and that he had to work harder, my friends were not good enough for me to be around, the best films, the house, my hair, how I looked. She just never accepted me for who I was.’ Two took one of my hands and started rubbing his thumb in a circular motion on my palm.

‘I guess we both had our difficulties with families.’ I laughed. A small ripple of pain shot across my head but I was finally healing. Two looked down at what he was doing and dropped my hand.

‘Um. I’m going to make lunch.’ I nodded. I could still feel where he was making the circles on my palm even though he had let go and left the room.


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