Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


11. Sorry does not cover it.



Sorry does not cover it


Two walked up to me.

‘You heard?’ I shook my head. He pulled me into a close hug. I had come to associate his smell with safety.  I breathed in his smell and a sense of calm came over me.He smelt of detergent and linx and slightly of sweat but he was still in his clothes from when I left him a good five and a half hours ago.

‘What did my Dad say?’ I asked as we stood together on the stairs.

‘He wanted to say sorry to me. I told him he had to apologise to you before I would even consider accepting any kind of apology.’ I smiled into his shirt. It was a thin black t shirt with a v neck. I could feel his abs but this was one of my best friends come on Taylor pull yourself together but then he did just save your life.

‘Where do we go next.’ He asked as he played with the ends of my hair, twirling it around his finger. ‘I am meant to be in England by the way.’ He said absently like it was no big deal that he ran away from his job.

‘News Flash I want you back as my bodyguard.’ I said as he smiled down at me.

‘Me too. But I have to serve Louis and Three.’

‘How did you get here so fast?’ Two checked his phone with a broad smile on his face.

‘Thirty minutes! Good going. I was already on the same flight as you but sat further back. My friend wanted me to sort out something affairs for him. I saw you get in a limo and then I got a ride on a large tour bus full of rowdy boys and when you texted me I came.’

‘Nice one. So really you were following me out here?’ He nodded.

‘I would follow you anywhere because I am still assigned to you, technically.’ I laughed as he kept playing with my hair.

'Why is that still true?' He looked at the ceiling.

‘Because you have not died yet or I have not been taken out of the service.’ I giggled.

‘Seriously? I have to die?’ We sat down on the top step together as he leaned against me.

‘Pretty much. I was taken out of the service twice times before I was your age. The men I was protecting kept complaining. I guess they wanted someone better and older.’

‘But then you got me.’ I said as he started plaiting my hair slightly.

‘Then I got you and then this happened.’ He spread his arms theatrically dropping the lock of my hair. My father was still stood in the doorway looking sadly at us. Joe’s tour group walked past us.

‘And here is where the new queen is always crowned.’ The tour guide droned on about coronations and everything. They were all looking at Two and me. The guide looked at us.

‘This is the princess and her bodyguard recently back from England. Moving on with the tour...’ Joe gave me a half wave. I raised my hand back in farewell. I leaned my head against  Twos shoulder as he placed his head on top of mine.

‘I am just so tired of people selling me out. What am I doing to make people sell me out?’ Two put his arm around me.

‘Well some people do it for money. I found out that Dominic sold you out for £1.3 million pounds which is a bit of a rip off for you but he wanted the money. Found him dead on the playing fields next day. The people here were bargaining their safety.’ I felt a tear fall onto my cheek.

‘My father gave me up for safety. I thought he loved me.’ I gave up all hope in stopping the tears. Once they started falling and did not stop.

‘I would never betray you.’ He whispered while handing me a tissue.

‘Thanks.’ I stopped crying and wiped away my tears. We sat in silence for a few moments before Two broke the silence.


‘I can’t deal with this silence. You know when I said about this conversation where I would tell you everything?’ I nodded. ‘I’ll tell you a bit more.’ I sat up a bit straighter.

‘Go on.’

‘Well just after my father died I was sent to an orphanage. I learnt to protect myself there. There were these men that came around when I was seven looking for the “perfect people”. I was chosen and taken away. They enrolled me at the school called the Academy. I entered a year below Three. He was pretty put out that I came from a sophisticated family who could support me. So when we were travelling back to England I was just taking small bits of my bank account. I have enough money to last me for three lifetimes over without working, easily.’

‘So the royal vault don’t pay you.’ He grinned.

‘They do. That is also what Three is annoyed about. I passed through the school within four years and then I went into TL. Three went into that also. I spent only two years there. Hence the nickname. Three came out a year after me. I went into royal bodyguards. I have to admit that I went fast through TL but I passed with flying colours. You were what most teenage boys wanted to guard when they got out.’ I smiled.

‘I met Teddy Lee. He was such a great friend to me. His father was a barron who went  slightly loopy in the last year of school.’

‘So you passed everything, without trying, in the shortest space of time?’ He nodded.

‘Three was always jealous of me. He could fire three guns at the same time but then lost one of his toes. Still a sore subject for him.’ I smiled again.

‘I can guess. So what do we do now? We have the palace back and General Mosebush knows I can fight.’ Two smiled down at me.

‘Sometimes I love how innocent you are.’ I felt my face grow hot and knew I was bright red.

‘Well I know many things others don’t. Like you always sleep with a gun in your pocket just in case. You sleep on your front most nights and don’t sleep very well.’ He grinned.

‘You know when I mentioned the feelings yesterday?’ I nodded. He took a moment to gather his thoughts. ‘I am still not telling you!’ I slapped his arm.



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