Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


42. Prom, Recap, wedding and one of my many great plans




I had been decked up in a dress and shoes which I can’t remember much about now. I was too traumatised that my friend had been grabbed off the streets and flown over to Europe.

We walked through Hotiz towards the high security vaults. Dad walked in front with Barney and me behind him. A man in Blue opened the door with a long security code. He kept muttering darkly in Russian which spooked me out. Dad walked along peering into each room. When he came to one near the end he spoke up.

‘I demand that this young lady to be released at once.’ The man looked at him like he was crazy.

‘I have the papers that are required for a release.’ The door was opened with in a flash. Phoenix poked her head out and saw me.

‘You came?’ I nodded.

‘I will always try and rescue a friend. Are you coming back to the palace?’ She nodded. We walked behind my father with our arms linked.


Back at the palace Chris hugged me and then hugged Phoenix.

‘I guess being my bodyguard is a back seat thing then?’ I asked. Chris patted the top of my head.

‘No. You are always my top priority.’ Phoenix smiled at me. A very worried Jamie bounced up to her.

‘Thank goodness you are okay. His majesty told me the news.’ Phoenix smiled at him.

‘I am fine.’ Jane started running down the drive towards me.


‘Why are you following me?’ I asked jokingly.

‘Because I would follow you anywhere.’ He replied. ‘And I will always come back to you. If you will take me.’ Phoenix groaned as I kissed Chris.

‘You say some of the most romantic things I think I might throw up.’

‘You guys are like Leeches. Seriously. Get a room.’

‘No. Ella and Chiron are leeches. I swear they try to eat each others faces most of the time.’ She looked slightly revolted.

‘I don’t need reminding. Please don’t.’ I grinned at her.

‘Then admit we aren’t leeches.’ She rolled her eyes. There seems to be an awful lot of eye rolling, nodding and smiling. But it will all change…


Just kidding. It will keep being a sappy love story.


Nah really just kidding.


Anyway. Prom prom prom. My least favourite thing. So most people came in a limo or an ambulance or a police car. Somebody turned up in a helicopter, JCBs which are big mechanical diggers and loads of other things. We had a slight delay because we had to get out of the Mini. All the men were in black suits, white shirts, black ties, dark glasses. Chris was helping them carry the sofa which Phoenix and I were sat on. We had to get on before they carried us in. There were loads of whispers as we were carried up the drive. Chris had made sure I was wearing my tiara. The one with the glass flowers. As Mr Strong snapped photos of everyone arriving we were helped down from the sofa. Chris stood behind me and glared at everyone. Hannah was glaring at me. If looks could kill I would be dead. Fortunately for me but not so for her they don’t so I live to tell you this tale. So Hannah was wearing a dress which she could not carry it off. I doubt even I could. It barely covered anything. She was stood by Hetty who was wearing a large puffy dress which I bet she could not walk in. I guess ours was the most dramatic entrance.


There was a cheap dinner and then a photoshoot. Chris stood behind me looking deadpanned even when I had to dance with James.


It was only when we got back into the car did he smile. He took my hand.

‘You looked amazing last night. Just saying.’

‘Thanks. Did you see when Hannah's dress ripped?’ He nodded.

‘She was sat in front of me talking loudly about how she was going to ruin your dress. So I accidently ripped her dress when she stood up.’ I laughed. It was nice to laugh even if it was at Hannahs expense. She was horrible to me most of the time since I snapped Chris up. Phoenix flopped into the car.

‘I need to sleep. I hate proms.’

‘Same. I had to dance with James. He stood on my feet all the time. I do know a guy who dances very well.’

‘Who?’ Phoenix asked rubbing her feet. She had taken off her shoes to massage her feet.

‘Sir Jamie Maylord.’

‘Jamie? Never knew. You will have to have an amazing party with lots of dancing where we can dance the night away.’ Chris snickered.

‘I will never have a party like that. I have been to Dads engagement party and that was enough for me. His coronation was disastrous.’ Phoenix looked interested.

‘What happened? I was drinking pimms with Jamie.’

‘Christopher's step mother turned up and threw a hissy fit and slapped us.’ Phoenix hissed slightly.

‘What happened to her?’

‘She is now causing havoc. My bet she is working with the General. Inside information kind of thing.’

‘Never thought of that. Probably is knowing her. Spite us even more.’

‘Wait like when she wanted us to get married. My mother was all for it. Dad pulled her out of it. Taylor would have gutted, skinned me alive and hung drawn and quartered me.’ I gave her an evil grin.

‘I still will. And make sure Christopher won’t sit down for a long time if he suggests it Chris shifted slightly in his seat.


Okay so if you have just opened this book right here and are going what the hell is going on? Well. Here you go. Free loaddown. I was a normal child at the age of fifteen. Yay. Dad pulls me out of school just before Easter and flys me to a small country in the middle of Russia called Etheburgesa. Betrothal laws with my best friend Lord Louis Behan. Never knew he was a lord. General Mosebush comes and tries to kill us all. I escape with my bodyguard s’appelle Two and my best friend’s bodyguard, Three. There is an argument and Three storms off from my English house. Two and I get closer. I get many men in black as my replacement for Two as he is meant to be guarding Louis. Boo. Then I am allowed to go home. Yay. Two and I start going out. He dies. He did not really die. Then he goes for a bodyguard check up thing. We get Betrothed. I turn sixteen he turns seventeen. Then I go back to school and all is well. Grandmother dies. I get kidnapped and placed in a high security prison. Two joins me there. Louis gets shot so I can get out. Louis says he loves me then dies. Dad is coronated. Dad gets engaged. Marriage law comes out saying that I must be engaged before I am seventeen. Two and I get engaged. I go back to school. Prom and now back here.


It was finally Dads wedding day. Vanessa was bouncing off the walls.

‘Taylor do you have your tiara. Okay. Do you have your shoes? Do you-’

‘Vanessa. Why don’t you go and look at the food and check it is satisfactory. Smoresome.’ I was dressed in a pale gold dress which was floor length. It was strapless and had a bow going around my waist. My shoes were just normal gold high heels. I was delaying the time I had to put them on. I was wearing the necklace Chris got me for christmas and my tiara. You will all be flicking back going “when was christmas? What did he get her. I can’t remember.” Don’t worry I will patiently wait here for you. I’ll just wait here then, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll just wait here then. I’ll wait for you.


Dad got into his bentley and is driven there with Barney sat in the front. Barney was also going to be his best man. Vanessa and I were going in another car to the church. Nobody but me and the maids and the person who designed it had ever seen the dress. It was completely white and fitted her curves perfectly because she was quite a curvy woman. At the bottom and the top was a line of gold. There were small gold flowers all over the bodice. Her shoes were the same as mine. It was an all out wedding not holding anything back.


I walked down the aisle holding a small bouquet of white lilies. Once down the end by my father Vanessa handed me her much larger bouquet. I took it and sat down beside Chris.

‘Dearly beloved we are gathered here to celebrate the union of Anthony Zeus Ayers and Vanessa Melody Van Sairhray.’ I blocked out the boring parts and stood up to read and sang with everyone else. It was an “ignore the live cameras” day. I felt my eyes getting heavy while we were singing the third song Chris poked me.

‘Do you have a bloody death wish?’ He whispered.

 ‘I already have a death wish. Get your facts straight.’ He winked at me and the looked forwards.


I called Phoenix as soon as we were at the cars. She had just finished an exam and now was probably with all the other year elevens.

‘Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.’

‘Talk peasant.’ She said loudly.

‘Phoenix it is me Taylor. Where are you?’

‘Sixth form center with our tutor. Say Hi guys! its Taylor!’ There was a loud chorus of “HI  TAYLOR!” From all around Phoenix.

‘So. Whats up.’

‘The Sky.’ I said sarcastically.

‘No seriously?’ 
‘I am driving home from the large wedding that has just been broadcast to all over the world. Turn on BBC One and you should see me. ‘ I could hear a tv going in the background.

‘Hey I can see you. Your dress is amazing. I want one. Aaand the whale has arrived.’ I snickered.

‘Anyway. I have to hang up. We are off to stand on a balcony and have our photos taken like every bleeding royal wedding ever to take place in the mess of a world.’

‘Every bloody royal wedding do you mean?’ Chris said loud enough to be heard on Phoenix’s side. I cringed as she laughed. I hung up as we got out of the car. I tossed my phone to Chris who caught it.

‘I have amazing reflexes.’ He boasted. I raised an eyebrow. I grabbed my shoe and threw it at him.

‘Think fast.’ I said quickly. It hit him right it in the face. He picked it off the floor and threw it back at me. I caught it one handed.

‘Should not throw things Christopher.’ He smirked and took my hand.

‘Come on. We have to have a photo shoot next.’ I rolled my eyes. Chris was a page boy so we would have a photo together and we were dressed in roughly the same way. He was in a black suit and a gold tie and hankie think that goes in their top pocket.


We walked into the palace hand in hand. We would naturally appear on my balcony as it was the only one on the side of the palace where people could see us. We all filed out with Jamie and the family. Dad and Vanessa were the last ones out. The stood at the front of the balcony as hundreds of thousands of people took photos. Dad and Vanessa kissed each other as Grandmother and Grandfather did and so did her parents. I felt rather self conscious that we were being broadcast to millions of people. Chris took my hand.

‘It will be fine. You look amazing.’

‘Thanks. This is being shown live all over the world. And nobody will ever forget this. It will always be on tape.’

‘You need to see a physiatrist.’

‘I am perfectly sane.’ I said.

‘Says the girl who sang the alphabet but added in words about gummy bears.’

‘They were chasing me.’ He raised an eyebrow at me.

‘I won’t judge you then.’

‘You can’t judge me. Because we are going to get married. May it be in three years.’

‘Damn we have to get married in three years.’

‘You forgot? You bleeding forgot we have to get married in three years. Maybe even four.’

‘I am now panicking. Oh sweet mother of Crowley. Taylor!’ He whined.

‘I am the one who will become QUeen. I am the one who has to get married. You can skip off  to a daycare center and be a nurse for the rest of your life if our relationship goes south.’

‘Why would it go south?’

‘You could be way different and a crazed murderer.’

‘Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? Anyway lets go to this photo shoot.’  


The photoshoot was a boring as watching paint dry. the photographer had a really high nasal voice which made me feel light headed.

‘No. Girl stand by him. Your majesty do you have any children? Could they stand just here please.’ I moved to where he was pointing. Dad put a hand on my shoulder.

‘Just five minutes more.’ He whispered to me.


I kept smiling until I felt like the world was full of rainbows and fluffy puppies. I felt slightly sick.


Chris laced our hands together.

‘Do you need to vent anger? Because I really need to punch the hell out of something. If I have to hear his voice again I swear to high heaven I will kill somebody.’ I laughed.

‘I think I will join you there. ‘ Vanessa was looking slightly confused when she heard what I said.

‘Did I just walk in on something I should have left alone?’ She was moving a finger from one side to the other.

‘No! No. We were talking about how much we want to kill someone because of someones voice.’ Chris explained as quickly as possible.

‘And I said I would join him.’ I added in.

‘Right. I completely understand. I want to throttle that guy as well. His voice. And treated me like I was a dumb blonde.’ Vanessa had the most beautiful dark chocolatey hair which was wavey.

‘If you are blonde I am a walrus.’ I said.

‘You already are.’ Chris said. I punched his arm.

‘Well you can you and sit in a mud hut and count the amount of flying piglets I give.’ He punched me back.

‘I hate you.’

‘I hate you too.’ There was six reporters in front of us waiting to do exclusive interviews.

‘Well crap.’ Chris said pleasantly. I don’t even know how he said it pleasantly but it had been said and the damage done. I closed my eyes and counted to ten.

‘I am going to go and find a brick wall and drive a car into it.’ They were all staring at us jotting things down in their notebooks. I walked around the corner and started sniggering.

‘You were just like Well snap.’ We were sat leaning against the wall cackling together sounding rather insane.


It was twenty minutes later when Vanessa walked past looking for us.

‘There you are. I thought I could hear evil laughs.’

‘Can I go to bed?’

‘Nope. There is a large party and a concert with hundreds of people performing.’ I groaned and heaved myself up.

‘I swear to god that if I have my photo taken one more time I stab someone.’ Vanessa looked almost too happy. A reporter stood behind Vanessa. ‘And I mean it.’ Chris growled. He scurried off. Chris sank back against the wall.

‘Somebody stick a pen in my eye. Fast.’ I laughed.

‘So I have to? I mean can I fake sick and Chris can miss it because he is my bodyguard.’

‘And what will you do in your time alone? Kiss? Go all the way?’

‘Watch a movie and sleep.’ She raised an eyebrow at me.

‘Would I risk it?’ Chris nodded. Paused then shook his head.

‘No. Because it is you.’ I smiled at him.

‘I will be bored at this concert/party thing. How about we try and swipe dads wedding ring.’ I said. Vanessa's eyes lit up.


‘We are going to heist your dads wedding ring?’ He was looking at me like I was crazy.

‘You don’t heist wedding rings. You swipe them.’


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