Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


32. Let the Story continue



Let the story continue


‘TAYLOR! OH, GOD! TAYLOR GET HERE PLEASE!’ My father shouted. He sounded distressed. I ran down the corridor followed by Chris completely oblivious to how much my world was about to change.

‘Left!’ He shouted.

‘No, right!’ I shouted back. I ran one way and he ran the other. I found my father first. He was in the front hall talking to the police. Phoenix slid down the banisters. Her family had come over on a commercial flight courtesy of the royal family. Mark had picked them up and driven them here.

‘What has happened?’ I walked over to my father Chris poked his head out of the library. He dragged Phoenix into the room and shut the door.

‘I am very sorry for your loss.’ The policewoman said. She had tear tracks on her face. I glanced from my father back to them.

‘What happened?’

‘Her majesty was found in the French Alps by some climbers. They alerted 221 and they came over. I am awfully sorry.’ My father gave them a tight smile.

‘Thank you for the trouble you have gone to. We will sort everything out from here.’ They nodded and left.

‘Taylor I am now king. I thought I would be way older. WHY? WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?’ He shouted as he hugged me close like he was not going to let me go.

‘Grandmother. How did she die?’

‘The plane crashed into the mountains. I think something else happened. That plane did not just “crash” into a mountain as she was coming back from America. She learned something. Something big.’

‘I am going to the library. Oh gods.’ My father hugged me close.

‘I don’t want to be king.’ He muttered. I hugged him back.

‘Now you know how I felt when I was taken out of school.’ I pulled back and walked towards the library. The whole palace looked different. Not so full of life. I could see where it was growing old. Where the paint needed to be redone. It was not hitting me yet. I expected my grandmother to float gracefully from one room to the next with a scribe behind her scribbling down words as she dictated a letter. I could see her striding past me and chatting quickly in Russian with my father about important things. I didn’t know the world without my Grandmother. I had never known the world to take away the people I loved so quickly when we all seemed to have many sunlit years ahead of us together.


I pushed open the door to Chris reading a book while Phoenix texted someone. Chris slammed his book shut and strode over to me. He hugged me close.

‘What happened?’ He looked so concerned.

‘My grandmother.’ I could not carry on. I took a few deep breaths, breathing in his scent; Drawing comfort from his strong arms around me and the familiar feeling of his abs pressed against me when I hugged him. Phoenix was staring at us disgusted.

‘What about your grandmother?’ He asked gently. I felt part of me break away and die.

‘She was found dead in the french alps.’ I started crying as the immense enormity of what had happened hit me. Phoenix sat stunned in her chair. Chris kissed the top of my head and then rested his chin top.

‘So you are-’

‘The next in line to the throne.’ I finished Chris sat me down in his recently vacated chair.

‘It is going to be okay. I promise.’

‘Don’t make promises you can’t keep.’ I said.

‘But those are the best kind are they not.’ Phoenix shrugged.

‘Good reasoning. Wait you have even more power over us. Think of it. How many teenagers who want to change the world can’t? But you can. You are in the government already at sixteen!’

‘And already the face of the press.’ Chris muttered.

‘Oh yeah. I want to see this rock. Two bought you.’

‘It was just the royal signet ring.’ She folded her arms.

‘Anyway. It is really obvious to see you two are together.’ I stayed in the library for the rest of the day being surrounded by books, with Chris and Phoenix and playing monopoly.


Chris walked me up to my room that night.

‘I would kiss you goodnight, but you are probably to upset-’ I kissed him to shut him up. When we broke apart he put up his hands.

‘I take it back.’ Phoenix was stood behind us looking revolted.

‘I am going to gouge out my eyes. That was gross.’ I stuck out my tongue at her.

‘Anyway. Goodnight.’

‘Yeah. Goodnight. Just remember if you ever need me I am just down the hall.’ I nodded and walked into my rooms. Phoenix had never been in my rooms before.

‘Welcome to my rooms.’ She walked among the wardrobe section opening all the drawers and doors. Her mother stuck her head in.

‘Holy cow. Taylor?’ I walked out from the bathroom room.


‘Is Phoenix in there?’ I nodded.

‘Is she. One moment.’ I turned and left the door ajar. Mrs. Paint glanced in again getting a good look around.

‘This is all yours?’ She was stunned.

‘Yeah. Bathroom, Sitting room slash study thing, bedroom, and wardrobe.’ Jane wandered in.

 ‘Taylor. Mary and I have got the perfect dress for you.' Mrs. Paint was still looking around.

‘You can look around if you want to. I have to see Two about something.’ I glanced at Jane who shook her head. ‘Or it can wait until tomorrow.’


It was the next morning when I saw him. Chris was sat on his bed staring at his phone. He glanced up when he saw me.

‘Are you okay?’ I shook my head.

‘I miss her so much. She was always there telling me about what I should look like.’ He got up and hugged me.

‘I know. Well, I don’t but that's not the point.’ I looked up at him.

‘I have to go and get ready for her funeral.’ He nodded and let me go but took up my hand.

‘Just remember I am always here for you. I just want you to know that.’ I nodded.

‘Thanks. It is just so hard. She was there even when I never wanted her.’ I was stood in the doorway. I had left Chris’s door open when I came in. Mrs. Paint walked past with Phoenix they glanced and kept walking.


I ended up wearing my plain black dress which had two straps and was just above my knees. I wore high heels which my grandmother said made me look nice. While walking out to the limo, which would take me to the church, Chris joined me and held my hand.

‘You look nice.’

‘Thanks.’ He was wearing a black suit with a thin black tie. ‘You forgot this.’ He handed me a  small black clutch bag. I glanced inside. My phone and iPod were nestled in there along with  some lip balm and a pack of tissues.

‘Thank you.’ He shrugged.

‘Is sort of my job. You know I will still be your bodyguard until you die. Even if we get married.’ I laughed. I dropped his hand once we were past the bullet proof glass windows  which had two large swallows in frosted glass flying across.

‘I can’t do this.’ Chris brushed his hand with mine.

‘I am always here.’


The service was relatively easy seeing how I was sat on the front row. When we were burying her body I was asked to say a few words.

‘My grandmother however strict made sure of the best for me. She really had my best interests at heart I guess but kept them well hidden. However much we might have disliked each other we were alike in many ways. Now thinking back we could have been much closer than we were. Age was not a common factor there. Just putting it out there.’ There was a small chuckle from the crowds of people. ‘We had our little spats but then I guess they were bound to happen at sometime. What makes the pain worse is that she was brutally ripped away from us when we as a country were not prepared to have her taken away. I guess thats I have to say.’ I sat back down beside Chris. He took my hand.

‘That was not expected.’ He muttered. I smiled back at him.

‘I guess I am full of surprises.’ He smiled back.

‘I guess so.’


The funeral was over quite quickly and then it came to the wake. It was an insane party. I am not lying. Chris and I sat to one side of the hall. Louis sat on the other side glaring at Chris. Three was no where near, Louis walked over to me.

‘Taylor. May I have this dance?’ I moved closer to Chris who took my hand.

‘No thanks. I’m not in the dancing mood.’ Louis stamped his foot.

‘Come on! I put the fun in funeral.’ Chris shook his head at him.

‘You are seriously going there at my Grandmothers funeral? You are making me feel so much worse.’ I stood up and walked towards the doors to get some air.


I found myself in the garden at the back of the hall. It had loads of trees in rows. I sat under one and put my head in my hands. It was really hard without my grandmother right now. My father was busy doing coronation things and everything else. He was always exhausted these days. Phoenix was hanging around with distant cousins of mine somewhere. There was a strange rustling in the tree above me which I passed off a birds. You know that prickly feeling you get when something is watching you. Well that happened so I looked up. There he was. General Mosebush. He had a rifle aimed at me with his tiny fingers on the trigger. His scars were looking even more ghastly in the dim light of the setting sun which was casting long shadows in the grass. He aimed his gun at me and fired.

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