Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


16. Everything goes pear-shaped



Everything goes pear-shaped


The bus sped through my village missing out my stop at the top and stopping at the bottom of my village. I went to get my bag but Two got it for me.

‘Here take this.’ He handed me his gun.

‘Why? You never give up a gun.’ He just smiled at me.

‘I know.’ We helped me off the bus and gave me a piggyback back up the hill to my house. Shinji frowned at us.

‘That is so odd. I mean who does that?’ He said loudly as Two walked in a zigzag up the hill.

‘Two maybe. Anyway. Where are you staying?’ I said conversationally over my shoulder.

‘Firs Cottage.’ Two growled but kept going up the hill. I slipped off his back.

‘I think I can walk.’ Two nodded but did not ask me for his gun back. I shrugged off the feeling that something was wrong.


I let Two and myself into Firs Cottage but something was wrong. The alarm did not start the countdown to the police being alerted that there was an intruder. Two pulled me back outside. He pulled out another gun and pointed it in front of him.

‘Let me go first.’ He walked past me towards the stairs that lead up to the other kitchen and living room. There were gales of laughter coming from the living room. Two gently pushed the door open with the nozzle of the gun.


A slim japanese woman and a son of around twelve were sat on the sofa opposite another man who looked vaguely familiar. My father stood leaning against the mantelpiece not paying attention. Two tucked his gun into the waistband of his trousers. My father looked up when the door opened.

‘Taylor? I thought you were at Lord Baenzigers Manor.’ I glanced in his direction.

‘So Anthony where is Mitzi the dog I owned?’ Tony glanced down at the floor.

‘She had a heart attack and died. Outside in the garden.’ Two caught me as my knees gave way..

‘Are you kidding? YOU LET MY DOG DIE YOU HEARTLESS SON OF A CHIEN-’ Two put his hand over my mouth again, smothering the rest of my sentence.

‘What did the Queen say about language?’ He whispered quietly.

‘Don’t say bad words. Bla bla bla bla.’ Shinji burst into the room.

‘Sorry I’m late mother I got lost on the ring road.’ The japanese woman gracefully rose from her seat and hugged him. Two rolled his eyes.

‘There is no ring road coming up the hill.’ Tony looked at me in worry.

‘Taylor. Can I talk to you. Alone.’ I stood up and looked my father straight in the eye.

‘No. Two has to stay with me at all times. He is a bodyguard.’

‘Really?’ Tony sounded incredulous.

‘Yes. You issued him to me. Remember. Anyway I have travelled from Ethelburgesa to England with Two. He is coming.’ Tony gripped my arm and walked me into the kitchen.


I walked into the bright room only it did not seem so bright now. I stood leaning against the kitchen counter. Tony stood awkwardly by the head of the table. Two lingered in the doorway. Tony opened his mouth and to speak.

‘I don’t want you being around Two. He is a bad influence on you using such foul words-’

‘Because you are.’ I said simply. ‘Mitzi was my dog and she is now probably at the bottom of a ocean you passed when coming over here.’ Tony looked hurt.


‘No let me finish. You drag me out of school screwing up my education so I can become acquainted with your life which is not mine. You chose everything for me. Even my options. MY OPTIONS! That is a choice I am meant to make.’ Tony slammed his hand on the table in front of him. His face was slowly turning red with anger and a vein throbbed on the side of his neck. I stood my ground. I was not going to be scared by him. That was just cowardice.

‘You have to obey the rules of Ethelburgesa. I don’t care if you don’t want to. General Mosebush is a threat to us all. I just want you to be safe.’

‘My safety?’ I scoffed. ‘You let me travel across Europe with three guys in a mini. I have done so much more than you ever could. Why? because I tried to become what I wanted. You became Grandmothers lapdog. I looked up to you as a child because you were all I had.’ I walked up the stairs towards my room. This meant I had to go through the living room. Two grabbed my hand as I walked past him.

‘That was amazing. I could never do that.’ I gave him a small smile.

‘I knew the life I lived was wrong and I set it right. Father always said stand up for what is right. Only I don’t know what is right anymore. Mitzi is dead and I loved her so much.’ I put my arms around Twos waist as we stood on the stairs. He put his arms around me as I cried.


‘Thanks.’ I said once I was done crying.

‘No problem. That is what friends are for. Also I kinda have to watch over you like a guardian angel.’ I snickered.

‘Now I have to just go through the living room to get to my room.’ Two looked down at me.

‘It will be alright. I am always here for you?’

‘Always?’ I asked looking up at him.

‘Always. I promised when I was ten to always look after my charge. I think I am doing quite well by your standards.’ Two did not let go of my hand as we walked through the living room.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lord Baenziger glanced in our direction as the the door opened and did a double take when he saw Two.

‘Christopher?’ Two flinched at his name. ‘Christopher is that really you? I thought you had died. What are you doing here?’

‘I am known as Two in the service I went into. I could ask you the same question. How are you still alive?’ He looked taken aback at Two’s attitude.

‘Christopher, what happened to you?’ Twos face hardened.

‘Well I could say that my father drowned himself because his wife and her two kids died, leaving his only son behind. So I was traumatised and sent to an orphanage. Totally embarrassing a Lord in an orphanage. I hated it. So when a special agent came around looking for the “perfect” children I was sent up. I have been trained since the age of nine. At the age of ten I have my first charge. Her majesty is my third charge.’


‘I am known as Two now.’ He dragged me up to my room.


He sat down leaning against the door the moment I was safely through. I sat down beside him.

‘What did I just do?’ He groaned. I squeezed his hand.

‘You told him the truth.’ He looked at me. This was an accomplishment as his head was tilted upwards.

‘Okay I am going to say this because I can’t keep it hidden. I really like you.’ I smiled at him.

‘Me too.’

‘I really really really like you. You grew on me.’

‘You grew on me too. I thought you were just an annoying person who had to hang around me all the time and would get in my way, become over protective and ruin my chances with boys. But you gave me a chance, a chance I am very thankful for.’ Two tilted his head and looked at me properly.

‘How long have you liked me?’

‘I had an unknown feeling for you when you first turned up. When you said you had either positive or negative feelings for me it made me think harder. When Three and Louis walked out I then realised that you are an intelligent, nice guy who was always there for me.’ He looked at me with wonder all over his face.

‘I thought you were some rich ponce when I first saw you and I did not know what to feel as I thought you would be like my other two charges. Man they were annoying. Anyway I thought you were arrogant and stupid but then I got to know you and found out you are a strong young lady who wants to do the right thing. And then when Three walked out I figured that I liked you. It was going against all of my instincts and training, you do know that?’ I nodded.

‘Take that rule book and throw it out of the window.’ Two let out a small laugh.

‘I just want to punch my TL in the face right now. Man he was a prick.’


‘Don’t call me that.’ He interrupted me.

‘What do I call you then?’ I asked. He cocked his head at me as if he was analysing me carefully.

‘Chris when we are alone and Two in public.’ I smiled at Chris. It was foreign to think that he was now Chris to me and not Two.

‘What are we now because we are not really friends.’ Chris looked at me closely.

‘I would ask you out but then celebrity dates never last.’ I let a laugh escape my mouth.

‘They never last. Jez. Look at Anthony and my mother.’ Chris laughed with me. There was a creak of a floorboard outside. We fell silent. Chris looked out of the key hole. He held up three fingers and then two. I groaned as Chris held out his left hand asking for his gun. I handed it over.

‘Go and do your homework.’ He said in a loud voice. Loud enough to be heard through the door.

‘Fine! But why do I have to do it? I am a princess!’ Chris rolled his eyes at me. I shrugged back.

‘But you need to complete your education.’ There was the sound of people walking away outside. I threw a soft ball at Chris who fell over with a loud thump. I walked over to the door and threw it open.


Shinji was stood on the other side.

‘Hey beautiful. I was wondering can you help me with my maths homework.’ I glanced down  at him.

‘Keep running boo boo. I am in a foul mood.’ I got out my throwing knife started twirling around my finger.

‘You won’t throw it at me.’

‘Really? You think I won’t throw it at you? I have shot my best friend. We had been friends for ages. I am not afraid to shoot anyone, within reason.’ Shinji backed away.

‘I’m telling mummy.’ He turned and ran away.

‘Whimp.’ I muttered as I walked back into the room. Chris was taking my books out of my bag.

‘You really do need to do your homework.’ I stuck out my tongue at him. ‘Don’t stick out your tongue at me!’

‘Bite me.’ Was all I said Chris shrugged and started on his favourite hobby: hacking into my ipod.


I had finished my last piece of homework when Chris spoke up again.

‘Score! One eight nine five.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘And how long did you keep that to yourself?’ He looked down at the floor.

‘Um. A very long time.’ I slid off my chair and onto the floor. It used to be a deep blue carpet but over time it faded to a light blue but it was still fluffy and comfortable to sit Chris scooted over to me and took my hand.

‘So. We aren’t friends and we aren’t dating. What are we?’

‘People.’ Chris looked at me.

‘Ha ha very funny. No I mean seriously what are we.’

‘Most celebrity dates never last because of the press bearing down on them. What if we courted secretly away from the press?’ He smiled at me.

‘I like that. I can now claim I am dating the princess.’ I sniggered.

‘Father will be so angry. I am dating a lord not a king.’ Chris laughed. It was a nice laugh. Like a mixture of happiness and joy if they had sounds that is what he sounded like. Now I sound all mushy and lovestruck. Spoiler alert: it did not last long.


I was getting ready for bed while Chris went downstairs to get us some hot chocolate. Like normal. There was a harsh and urgent knock on the door. I grabbed a top and put it on. My pajamas were all but a pair of shorts and a thin top because it was so hot. I opened the door to see Chris.

‘Two what is going on.’ He had a panicked look on his face.

‘Have to get you out of the country.’


‘Someone here to kill you..’ All that was running through my mind was crap crap crap crap. I’m gonna die. I pulled Chris into the room. There was the hilt of a knife in his back and a large ever growing stain of dark red across his back. He sank on to the floor. I knelt before him and put my hands either side of his face as his breath became weaker and more ragged.

‘Two! Two! Come on! Wake up. Please.’ My father stood in the doorway watching. ‘Chris. Christopher Castiel Balthazar Baenziger. Please wake up. Please.’ I sobbed, clutching his body close to me and crying.

‘Taylor. He has gone.’ My father said quietly. I looked up at my father. There was a hidden pain in his eyes which was being shown now.

‘He is not gone. I’m not leaving him!’ I rested my forehead against Chris’s. My father came towards me and gently helped me stand up.

‘We have to go Taylor. I know you may hate me but he is gone. We can’t help him anymore.’ I did something I had not done in ages: Hug my father. He hugged me back closer to him.

‘I’m sorry I was mean Dad. It was selfish and cruel. I am so sorry.’ He stroked my hair as I cried into his shirt.

‘No I should be apologising. I sold you out to General Mosebush because I was a coward.’

‘I forgive you Dad.’ He smiled down at me.

‘Come on pumpkin. Let’s get you out of here.’ I nodded and was lead down to the living room.


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