Forever or never?

Bailey is caught between two desicions: All Or None of one direction? She knows she cant keep the affairs secret, but she surprising had for so long. I mean, theres nothing wrong with sleeping with all five of them, right?


2. Lies and Love potions

Baileys POV:

I drove back to my apartment and changed into a pink sundress and white heels. I freshened up my makeup and gave myself light bouncy curls. My boring blondish hair has no effect on men whatsoever when its not styled. I grabbed my cream clutch and got back in my car. The place i was meeting harry at was called Bovellas. It was a little cafe in northern london. I got there to find harry waiting at the door with flowers. He is such a little boy. Its so adorable. "Hey beautiful." "Hey handsome." "You look wonderful," he sapped. He went on about every little detail if my outfit. I finally got to shut him up when i told him i have news. I really didnt, but i might as well keep the cancer thing going. "My- my mom has cancer." "What? Oh my god, bailey!" Same reaction as niall. "Yea buts its not bad. Man am i hungry! Lets eat!" I said trying to change the topic. "Uhh ok.. What do you want?" "Umm i think-" i was interrupted by the waitress. I could tell harry was staring at her chest. "Hi there! Im Alexa! And ill be your server today!" She said with a southern accent. "Ill have the ham and turkey omlet please, hold the mushrooms," i said sharply. "And ill have the buttermilk pancakes with no butter please," harry said. I just smiled till the waitress left. And then i told harry off. "Pancakes? Really?" "What? Thats my favorite here." "Yea me too, if i was 12!! Harry your 21. Start acting like it. And the way you were looking at the waitress was more of a 17 year old move." " you mean..?" He said confusingly. "I mean you probably were enjoying the veiw of her perfect C-cup boobs!" I got up and stormed out.

Harrys POV:

Yes i have to admit, that waitress had nice boobs, but i didnt mean to piss bailey off. I chased her down the street and got a cab to her apartment. I had a key so i walked in to find her on the phone with someone. "Yea he di- uh im gonna have ti call you back kay? Love you!" Who was she talking to, saying i love you to? "Um hi. Why are you here." "Look bailey," i started. "I didnt mean to be like that in the restaraunt. I love you and only you. No matter how many big boobed waitresses i meet." "Really?" Really."i walked over to bailey and started kissing her, running my fingers through her blonde curled hair.

Baileys POV:

Harry came over and started kissing me. I have to admit, but i missed his kisses. I didnt know if he was gonna take it all the way or not. But i kinda wanted him to. He started to playfully bite my neck as his hands found the zipper to my dress. He slowly unzipped it, breathing in my ear. "Babe, i wanna be with you tonight. I want you to be with me here tonight. You promise? "Harry i-" "bailey.." I sighed. "Ok i promise." He luckily couldnt see my crossed fingers. But i slowly fell under the spell of harry styles.

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