Puppet master

Their world was at war. Many people took up weapons and tried to fight. A young girl picked up a small doll and everyone laughed.No-one knew puppet mastery since Gina the great. She just smiled then walked off. Oh and the cover was done by MissQuirky


10. Chapter 9


Authors note!!!!

Hey guys I just wanted to thank you all for reading this book. It means so much to me that you all like it


A sickening thud sounded through the meadow. Everyone froze as their gazes followed the sword that had been in Titians hand moments before. Maria gasped, Jaran's fists turned white as he took in the sight before him, Cassandra covered her mouth as tears ran down her cheeks and a pained scream cut through Leon's throat.

It was Miranda who was the unlucky victim. 

The sword had sunken deep into Miranda stomach creating a large wound. Blood soon pooled at her feet. Her clothes now a deep scarlet. Leon made his way to his little sister's body that lay on the floor in a crumpled heap. Her eyes flickered open as he gently grabbed her hand. Her skin was pale and cold.

"Leon is that you?" Her voice was but a hoarse whisper. He could feel the hot tears running down his cheeks as he slowly nodded his head.

"Yeah it's me" She let a small smile dance at her lips.

"I'm sorry"He furrowed his eyebrows. Why was she sorry?

"For what?" She closed her eyes slowly

"For hurting all of you like this" and with that her breathing stopped. Leon's eyes widened as he tried desperately to find a pulse. All Cassandra could see was red as she watched Leon cry as he frantically called out for his sister. Her body shook with fury then to make it worse Kale laughed.

"Wow who would have thought she would sacrifice herself?" Zoe laughed while Titian had a huge smile plastered on his face. Jaran tried to tell Leon she was gone but he wouldn't listen. Cassandra twitched her fingers then Titian's smile fell from his face. His gaze slowly traveled down and there standing in front of him with her sword buried deep in his heart was the blue puppet. Its head slowly looked up and his gaze was soon met with a cold stare. It twisted the sword and Titian cried out. Agony shot through his body as the sword slowly slid out of his body. The puppet's face didnt show any emotion as Titian's corpse tumbled towards the ground. Kale's body shook as he took in the sight. His toughest friend had just been killed by a puppet. Cassandra let out a small chuckle

"I would suggest you leave" Kale spun round. Fear clear in his expression.

"ZOE RUN!" Cassandra shook her head.

"I'm sorry but you took someone very precious to me so its only fair I return the favor!" She swung her arm in a long arc. The red puppet following her movement. Zoe's eyes widened as she saw the figure flying towards her. She turned her feet already propelling her body forwards. She was soon struck down by the blue puppet that blocked her way. Her head slipped from her shoulders landing with a dull thud on the ground. Kale couldn't believe his eyes as he looked from Titian and Zoe's dead body's their blood seeping from the wounds cause by puppets. By Puppets!.

He shook his head as his hand scrambled on the ground trying to get away from the monster that was a young girl. Her gaze followed his retreating figure. A crazed look spread itself across her face. Her hands didnt stop moving and neither did the puppets. The red grabbed Kale while the blue pressed her sword against his neck.

"Actually I changed my mind" Kale's eyes widened as he took in her crazed look.

"I think I'll kill you as its only fair considering you killed Maria's brother" Everyone gasped at the piece of information.

"I'm sorry!" Kale tried to defend himself but it fell on deaf ears.

"Maria would you like to do the honors?" Maria shook with fear. What had happened to her friend? Cassandra tilted her head as she took in Maria's shaking frame.

"Okay then I'll do it myself" Cassandra made her way to Kale. She took the sword from the blue puppet then pointed it right at Kale

"Any last words Hmm?" Kale shook his head trying to plead with her.

"None? Okay then I'll make it as painful as I can" The sword slid right between his eyes. His screams echoed around the meadow as Cassandra laughed her head off. Soon after his screams died along with him. His body fell limp in the red puppets grip then collapsed altogether.    

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