Puppet master

Their world was at war. Many people took up weapons and tried to fight. A young girl picked up a small doll and everyone laughed.No-one knew puppet mastery since Gina the great. She just smiled then walked off. Oh and the cover was done by MissQuirky


6. Chapter 5


Jaran, Leon and Miranda were hot on the trail of Cassandra when they came to a huge  building that had a tall iron fence surrounding it. The windows were smeared with grease, roots had broken through the bricks and pried them apart and the door had a rotten frame. Miranda shivered as she felt someone staring at her from afar. Leon looked up and saw a shadow zip past a window. Jaran took a deep breath catching Cassandra's scent but it was full of fear.
"She's here  but we need to hurry she's in trouble!" He jumped right over the fence where as Leon and Miranda flew over. Miranda could still feel the gaze on them but it felt closer.

"Were being watched" Leon turned and let his eye's scan the area

"I don't see anyone" Jaran did the same but his eyes caught a small movement. A figure soon stepped out of the trees and stared at them with a piercing gaze. 

"Who are you?" Leon called out but with no reply the figure started to walk closer until they stopped in a pool of moonlight. The figure was tall had short white hair but what shocked them the most was the pale white eyes that were focused on Miranda.

"You, your coming with me" His voice was stern and commanding. Leon stood in front of his younger sister and eyed the boy.

"She's not going anywhere" He spat back. The boy looked at him for a split second before going back to Miranda. Leon growled and used his wings to cover Miranda. The boy didnt seem surprised but did surprise them by unfolding his own pair of wings which were a deep midnight blue.They would have been beautiful for not the fact that they had blood covering the tips as if he had used them to decapitate someone.

"Either she comes or I make her" The boy spoke calmly. Miranda shook in fear as Leon flew straight at the boy and soon pinned him to the ground. The boy laughed then shoved him off like he weighed nothing. Leon landed with a dull thud and groaned as he tried to stand. The boy dusted himself off and went back to staring at Miranda.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?" Miranda screeched causing Leon, Jaran and the boy to cover their ears. Miranda realized what she did and covered her mouth while Leon quickly ran up to her, held her arm and whispered in her ear. Miranda's eyes widened as she listened to what he was saying but shook her head.

"I cant Leon not after what happened last time!" Leon whispered his reply and again Miranda shook her head. While this was happening Jaran was bearing his fangs at the angel boy and slowly circling him.

"NO I cant Leon I could kill you and Jaran I just cant!" Leon clenched his fists

"You have to or we'll never be able to help Cassandra!" Miranda winced as her brother's harsh words dug deep. The boy tilted his head to the side slightly when Leon took a few steps back and then proceeded to pick Jaran up while whispering something to him as he took to the air. His gaze was soon drawn back to Miranda who was muttering under her breath. It sounded like a prayer.

"What are you doing?" She didnt reply and so he took an experimental step forward. Her muttering became louder and louder as he got closer and closer. Soon he was standing so close that he could hear her small voice. It was indeed a prayer but one she had made up.

"Oh Lord above forgive me for this harsh act, I am sorry that I must send one of your beautiful creations back to you but it seems as though he does not want me to leave, I am also sorry that I must ask for your help to do so" She repeated the prayer over and over while the boy got closer and closer.

When the boy was only a few steps away her eyes shot open as well as her mouth with a bright white light shooting straight into the sky. He grinned .  When the light stopped she collapsed onto the ground her body shaking. His brow furrowed in confusion as he slowly approached her small shaking frame. He knelt down ad tilted his head trying to see her face properly when all of a sudden her hand shot out and grabbed his throat as she raised him up. His hands tried desperately to pry her hand from his neck to no avail. He thrashed around as her grip tightened. A loud ripping noise was heard as her wings soon erupted from her back. They were a stunning deep red and soon both were soaring high above the compound.

"Tell me why you want me and I might spare your meaning less life" Her voice was cold and stern nothing like the small shaking girl from earlier. Now he knew why all the angels called her Gods daughter.

"Because of your power I want to teach you how... to control it" He managed to splutter the words out as her grip was cutting off his airways. He was wondering why his powers hadn't kicked in yet then it hit him. He couldn't use them because he had used them up earlier.

Her grip loosened slightly and that was all he needed.

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