Puppet master

Their world was at war. Many people took up weapons and tried to fight. A young girl picked up a small doll and everyone laughed.No-one knew puppet mastery since Gina the great. She just smiled then walked off. Oh and the cover was done by MissQuirky


11. Chapter 10


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Cassandra and Maria slowly made their way through the forest both talking about random things not really caring. Maria had explained that her brother had been killed by a werewolf called Kale just because he didnt want to be in his gang anymore. Cassandra had listened the whole time but soon her attention was focused on a small flying spec.

The spec seemed to be falling and right towards them! She quickly dived at Maria as the flying spec crashed a few feet away. Cassandra quickly got up and started to run pulling Maria right behind her.

"Where are we going?" She yelled as Cassandra continued to drag her.

"Away from what ever that was!"

*Time skip!!!!*

"Yuki!! Where are you?" A voice cut through all the smoke and dust.

"Arashi over here" Smoke still clouded his vision but he could just make out her small frame not too far from his current location. He ran up when he saw her struggle to stand.

"What happened?" His voice brimmed with worry as he saw his friend with a large gash on her left forearm.

"Something shot us down" Her voice was a hoarse whisper as she tried to keep consciousness. He quickly ripped the bottom of his shirt and wrapped it around her wound to try and stop the bleeding. She couldn't heal herself as she was using all her strength to keep awake.

"Dont worry you can go to sleep if you need to" A small smile crossed her face before her eyes drifted shut. He gently picked up her small sleeping form and stretched out his wings. Thats when a sharp pain shot through his left wing. He carefully rested Yuki on a tree branch so that he could inspect his wing. His wings almost touched the floor as he carefully ran his fingers over the sensitive feathers but soon his felt another hand gently stroking the back. He turned to see that Yuki was leaning forward horror etched on her features.

"Whats wrong Yuki?" She gazed turned to him and a tear slipped from her eye

"I cant believe it..." Thats when the tears started to pour. He caught her as she fell from her perch tears not stopping.

"What is it?" She looked up then clung to Arashi's top 

"Your wing...its broken...you cant fly...I'm too weak to fully heal it but I can subside the pain." Her fingers danced across the bone. He felt the muscles knit together as she worked silently. He watched her face as she struggled to stay upright. Soon her arm fell limp, her head rolling back and resting on the tree as her face soon turned calm. Sleep took over her small form. Exhausted from the amount of healing done. He smiled. What had he done to get a friend like her?

He sat down next to her carefully so as not to disturb her. His face softened as he took in her sleeping face, so calm, so young. He didnt realize his hand had moved before he felt the soft leaves beneath his touch. His slowly stroked her hair as she rested her head on his shoulder a soft snore escaping her lips.

"Good night Yuki" With that he let himself slip into unconsciousness.



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