One Direction Detection

One Direction have taken over the world, they have millions of fans and are loved by all. But what happens when the boys get a rather threatening call and Paul disappears? After eight months of these phone calls and no sign of Paul, Simon Cowell is forced to call British Intelligence for help. This is where Kendal comes in. The best agent British Intelligence has to offer. But is she able to crack the riddle before it's too late?


6. Parties?

It's been weeks since Louis and I kissed. We've been careful to keep our "relationship" a secret as the rest of the world sees me as a fourteen year old girl instead of as an eighteen year old. It's the day before Christmas and Louis is out with his family who flew in from Doncaster to visit him on his birthday. Everyone's family was flying in tonight and I am getting desperate, I still haven't found Louis a Christmas present. I've run out of all ideas and I'm stuck on my last resort. I run to Harry's room from the living room where I've been stressing over this for two hours. Without knocking I barge into Harry's room only to see him reading what appeared to be a One Direction fanfic. "Harry?" I stutter out as he slams down the computer screen. "You saw nothing." He says in a warning tone before sitting on his bed. "Um. okay. Harry I need you to take me out to get Louis a present. I have no idea what to get." I say running a hand through my tangled hair letting my anxiety get the best of me. Harry just nods and grabs his jacket. "Lets go" We walk out the door without saying goodbye to anyone and head towards the shopping centre. After searching and searching I gave up and sat down on a bench in front of some store. Harry was off doing God knows what and I was lost in this huge shopping centre. I was about to call Harry when I saw the perfect gift for Louis and I rushed to get the last one in stock. Just as I had bought Louis' gift Harry turned up and we left.

I got home to see the boys sitting around. "Kendal! Our families will be showing up soon so I suggest you get ready." Louis says with a wink. I turn around and dart upstairs before everyone sees the blush that has crept on my face. I was really nervous sense I was meeting everyone's families tonight and I was worried if everyone would like me. And if Harry's family believes I'm related. I quickly wrap Louis' gift and begin on my outfit which I decided on black jeans with a tan knitted cardigan and a coral tank top with brown heeled ankle boots. I go into the bathroom connected to my room and pull my hair into a messy bun. Once I was happy with my outfit I went downstairs with Louis' present in hand. I saunter into the living room and swiftly place the small box under the tree before taking a seat next to Louis. "Our families should be here any minute now." Liam says excitedly. We sit in silence until the doorbell rings and my face drains of color. I laugh at the irony. Me, a secret agent for British Intelligence whose served since I was 12 getting scared over meeting A bunch of people. Everyone leaps off the couches and bounds towards the door while I sit in silence. There's a large commotion coming from the hall as all five families walk into the living room. No one seems to notice me for a few minutes before someone points me out. "Everyone, this is my cousin, Samantha." Harry says eying his mum nervously. Everyone seems to believe it and before I know it Louis' little sisters are pulling me away from the group to hang out.

"So Samantha, whats it like living with our brother and the boys?" They ask. I think for a moment. "It's cool, I just never get a chance to have girl time ya know?" I say. Then Lottie and Fizzie look at eachother with a devilish look in there eyes. "wanna have girl time?" They say. I just stare at them. Then they explain the plan. "There's a party at my friends house tonight. We can go." They look at me. "Aren't yo-we a little young for parties?" I question. I've never been to a party. They look at me like I'm crazy. I finally give in. "Alright." They both squeal and force me towards my closet telling me my outfit isn't 'party attire' and forcing me into a tight purple dress that reaches to the top of my knees and small heels. I still wasn't completely on board with the idea of going to a party but Lottie and Fizzie were bent on going. They change into some party clothes and left, Lottie screaming a goodbye to her mum not specifying where we were going. We stepped outside and started walking down the street. "You realize we're all under age right? And it's dangerous at night. What if someone mugs us?" I go on and on until Lottie slaps her hand over my mouth. "Sam, relax. It's just a party, we won't drink...much" She says continuing on her way me following close behind. After walking for 30 minutes we finally made it to a huge house with music vibrating through the entire house and drunks everywhere. We walk in and I immediately feel out of place. Fizzie and Lottie pull me onto the dance floor and at first I was awkward and barely moving but after awhile I started to loosen up and dance with my new 'friends'.

The night consisted of me, Lottie and Fizzie dancing side by side and turning down boys who thought they had a chance. We finally went to the bar to sit and rest our aching feet. "My feet are killing me. Who's idea was it to wear heels?:" Lottie says leading to Me and Fizzie stating it was her idea. "So Sam, is this your first party?" Fizzie says changing the subject. I nod. "I never really had a chance to go to them, I was always busy with studying and training- for school, I mean." I take a sip of my water. We fell into a silence as the music beated into our bodies. After what felt like forever, Lottie finally spoke. "If you're always studying, what do you want to be when you get older?" I have never actually thought about it before. What did I want to be? My life as an agent was picked for me. "To be honest, I've always wanted to be a sprinter in the Olympics, I'm pretty fast but-" I was cut off by Fizzie saying "Your parents want you to do something else?" I nodded. "They want me to take up the family business." They look at me with pity. Then Fizzie pulls us back onto the dance floor, where we stay until quarter to one in the morning when we decide to head home. We walk back to the house laughing at each others stories. We finally make back to the house to see all the lights out. Great...... "They must have left without us.... Can we stay the night?" Lottie says turning to me. I smile and shrug. "We'll have to be quiet. I'm not getting in trouble on Christmas" I say slowly turning the key in the lock as to not wake anyone. We walk slowly up the stairs with our heels in our hands, trying to suppress our giggles. We made to my room where we all burst into laughter. We all changed into pajama shorts and long sleeves and  crawl into my giant bed. Lottie and Fizzie pass out immediately while I stay awake thinking about the party. It was the most fun I've had in a while. And I was so happy I went. I'm about to fall asleep when I notice something on my desk. I clumsily walk over to the desk and notice a note on it 

Tick tock agent

Tick tock 

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