One Direction Detection

One Direction have taken over the world, they have millions of fans and are loved by all. But what happens when the boys get a rather threatening call and Paul disappears? After eight months of these phone calls and no sign of Paul, Simon Cowell is forced to call British Intelligence for help. This is where Kendal comes in. The best agent British Intelligence has to offer. But is she able to crack the riddle before it's too late?


2. Kendal Carring

I sat staring out the window of Simon's limo. On the outside I was cool and collective, on the inside I was dying of fan girl feels! I, Kendal Carring am going to stay with the One Direction. But the call kept ringing in the back of my head, it was said like a poem, this ones gonna be tough to crack.

We got to the Modest! Management Office Building and went straight up to Simon's office where he called the boys to come immediately. As we waited for them to arrive I sat staring out the giant window that was literally less than a hundred feet away from the London Eye. I was pulled out of my daydream by a knock at the door. In came One Direction, they looked dreadful. They had bags under their bloodshot eyes, messy hair and a sort of terror in there eyes.

"Boys! Meet Kendal Carring, British Intelligence's best agent!" Simon announced gesturing towards me. I stood up to shake their hands and sat back down while the boys took their seats. I half-listened while Simon went over the plan. "Kendal, why don't you tell the boys who'll you'll be to the rest of the world." Simon said after catching the boys up.

"Samantha Styles, Harry's fourteen year old cousin on his father's side." I say while every listens quietly.

I went back to staring out the window until something caught my eye. I got up and went towards the window ignoring everyone's questioning. It was the Eye of London. In the box closest to the window was a man staring straight back at me, his eyes were full of hate and anger, he points to his watch and looks away. I walked over to the group thinking up a good excuse without scaring the boys. "Sorry, something caught my eyes, won't happen again." I said half-lying.

They thought nothing of it and we soon left.

When we got to the place I would call home for a while I took a look around. On the first floor was a living room, a kitchen, a music room and a game room. On the second floor were six bedrooms. On the third floor was an attic with nothing in it but a really old grande piano that looks like it hasn't been played in a long time. The backyard had a HUGE pool and a garden that puts the Buckingham Palace garden to shame. I could get used to this.

I walked back to the living room to see the boys talking. "We have an interview tomorrow." Liam says. I nod, "I'm going to go to bed." I say. "Last door on the right." Liam reply's, I leave after saying goodnight followed by the boys incoherent reply's. 

I walked up to my room. The walls were white and there was a queen sized bed in the far corner, the room had a walk-in closet, a bathroom and did I mention it had a balcony?!?! Yup, I'm gonna love it here.

I heard a faint knock on the door and in came Harry. "What's up?" I asked patting the spot on the bed next to me.

He sits down and starts twiddling his thumbs, "I was just wondering... who was that man you saw out Simon's window?" I freeze. Harry notices my hesitation and breathes out a laugh," Yes, I noticed him, I don't think the others did but I was worried when you wouldn't tell us. Who is he?" He explains.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling he knows about the calls." I say.

After a moment Harry speaks again, "Are you as good as they? You see, me and the boys, we're really close to Paul and we miss him, and we're scared, we really are but we-"I cut him off by pulling him into a hug. "I won't let anything happen to you or the boys, and I will find Paul, I promise." He hugs back and I feel tears falling on my shoulder, but I don't mind. We just sit there hugging until Harry pulls away. "Well we should probably get to know each other cousin." Harry says with a wink. I laugh and we end up talking until two in the morning, until he falls asleep with his head at the foot of the bed. I didn't want to move him, so I just crawled into bed with his feet by my face. This was a good was to end the day, except for his feet in my face. 




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