One Direction Detection

One Direction have taken over the world, they have millions of fans and are loved by all. But what happens when the boys get a rather threatening call and Paul disappears? After eight months of these phone calls and no sign of Paul, Simon Cowell is forced to call British Intelligence for help. This is where Kendal comes in. The best agent British Intelligence has to offer. But is she able to crack the riddle before it's too late?


1. Prolouge

"I want your best agent!" I told the head of British Intelligence. She handed me a piece of paper with information about an agent. I took a look at the paper.


Name: Kendal Carring

Age: 18

Birth date: August 1, 1996

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 51 kilos

Physical Description

Hair: Short, curly brown hair with natural red highlights

Eyes: Wide, deep brown eyes

Face: Heart shaped face with wide eyes and small nose. Big lips and lots of freckles with a birthmark on her forehead.

Recruited: August 24, 2008

Hard working. Great with going undercover.


"Perfect. She'll do." I said smiling to myself.

The head called into the intercom and in came a girl who honestly looked about 15.

"Hello Mr. Cowell, I'm Agent Kendal." She said holding out her hand for me to shake. "Hello Kendal, please call me Simon." I say shaking her hand. She nods as we make our way to my limo.

"So Kendal, as you may know One Direction have been been getting calls every night saying the same thing. And a month ago their bodyguard, Paul disappeared with no sign of where he is. So basically you job is to find out who's sending the calls, what they mean and of course, find Paul." I say once we get into the security of my limo.

Kendal listens intently, nodding every once in a while.

"If you don't mind my asking, what do the calls say?" She asks.

I press the Voice Memos app on my iPhone and play the call from last night.

Tick tock goes the clock

The sour passes nine

Tick tock goes the clock

Twelve hours 'till you die.


"It's always the same, never changing. Not even a different breathing pattern." I add.

She seems to note this in her mind. "When and where was Paul last seen?"

I think for a moment before replying. "At the corner of Ninth Street at about 7 o'clock. What do we do?"

She thinks for a moment. "I recommend me going undercover, we don't want the caller to know I'm an agent. I can play as a fourteen year old cousin of one of the boys. We know I look young enough to play a minor. But only the boys will know, no friends or even family. Just to be safe." She says.

"Okay but who's cousin?" I say thinking over the plan.

Another silence. "Harry Styles, we look alike. The curly hair, the dimples and our face shape." I nod in approval, they do look a lot alike.

"I can see why your the best" She smiles and we stay silent the rest of the ride.





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