(Dont) Let me Go

This is based on my dream that I had for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. 5% dream, 50% additional.
Sometimes you think you got someone wrapped around your finger, but instead, your the one thats being wrapped. Have you ever loved someone and had a thought or even a moment that they were the one? Bella has,


12. Chapter 12


"Hey Bella." Ashton said.

"Hi." I waved.

"Um so we're playing a survival game next where we have to find a couple of things like bugs etc.."


That was totally discusting.

"I know I know, but don't worry it's in teams, I just wanted to let you.." He glanced over somewhere. I followed his eyes but he looked back at me."Do you wanna be partners?" I didn't wanna say no to him but what about Luke?

"I can't Im sorry Im going to go with Luke." I replied.

"Are you sure about that? I mean he didn't even ask you and remember yesterday?"

Ooooh yesterday. That made me feel colder. I remember it now. To think I almost forgot it..

"Fine, sure."

"Cool." He put on his shades and flashed a smile then walked away.

"Hey Nat?" I asked.


"Who's your partner for the game?"

"I don't know." She replied biting her sandwich.

"Did you know anything about what happened yesterday?" I quickly asked.

"No.." She said slowly.."Im gonna go put..paint on my face now.. and .. tie my hair up.. and other stuff that will make me look hotter..."


I walked away staring at her movements to see if she was lying, then I bumped into a figure that I couldn't see, mainly because when I looked in front of me I could smell the dioderant and knowing that my face was hit into a chest. I backed away. It was Luke.

"Sup." He grinned.

"Hey." I said. He looked like he was studying me, I stopped smiling."What?"

"Uh nothing, just, do you wanna be my partner.. for the game?" He asked.


"Cool." He walked away.

"I mean no.." I said softly. What have I done?

I mean, Ashton will understand.. right? Oh god. He's gonna kill me. He drove me here, and I just DITCHED him, ugh I'm a bitch. Well I can't just say no to Luke, I mean, then he will just ask Sam. I walked up to Ashton but before I could say something he started announcing something.

"Okay so everyone knows the game, we're playing Survival and what you have to do is first of all, you have to try to find all of the stuff that's on the list."

"Wouldn't it be a scavenger hunt then?" Sam asked.

"Sam, the stuff on the list is like, spiders and bugs, duh." Nathalie explained. Oh eww, I don't wanna play a game where I'm gonna hunt things that can kill me.

"Anyways, we're gonna choose teams if we already haven't." Ashton said. I walked up to him while playing with my fingers.

"Hey Ash, I  need to talk to you, I mean, Luke asked me to be his partner and.. well. I said yes." I said. He was standing there...

"Oh, well.."

Sam and Luke were standing there watching us.

"Maybe, I could just be Ash's partner." Luke said. Ugh really.A chance with Luke blown..

"Right okay." I said. I guess I'm Sam's partner now.. Yayyyyyy.... -_-


#SUKE OR #BUKE ?????

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