Bieber the player

"Get off you stupid hoe, I've never loved you never will GET IT!" Justin say cold to the 20th girl he is breaking up with just THIS YEAR. He is such a mopster, yes you were reading right 'mopster' it's 'monster and player just mixed. I hate him but I have a plan to make him stop his games.


1. you're dumbed

Bella's P.O.V

Justin is standing with some girl, he is breaking up with her because he is just choosing a girl with his friends and then he is with her in a few days taking her to a party, getting her drunk and then fucking with and telling her he loves her but then next day he breaks her heart.

I'm just stands there, looks at them while he does his heartbreaker thing.

"Jessica just get it, you're dumbed, I don't believe in love and I don't love you GET IT!" Justin yells.

"B-but you said you loved me, you said it'd be us two forever?" The girl Jessica says.

As every other girl that've been in Justin's games.

He is a mopster! Yes you heard right the word mopster is a combination of monster and player.

I'm moving over to The heartbreaking monster as the heartbroken girl is running away all teared up.

"Hi" I says tries to be nice but fail.

"What?!" Justin snaps.

"Can't a girl just small talk?" I says.

"Ok?" Justin is saying while pulling up a cigaret up to his lips and adding fire to it.

I give him a disgusted look as I goes on with the manuscript I just made in my head.

"you're a player so let's play a game, let's sweet talk let's tell each other good morning and goodnight everyday, let's hold hands, hug and kiss and whoever that falls in love first loses" I says as I hope it sounds as good as it does in my head.

"K I can't even bare to look at you now, let alone kiss and hug you? HELL NO!" Justin snaps as he blows smoke in my face witch makes me cough.

"IF you wins you get to do whatever you wants with cause I know how you love the thought about that girls is just dolls you can do whatever you want with."I say. Now he actually seems interested.

"K but what do you get out of it?" Justin asks as he makes a Bobble of the smoke and blows it into my head witch makes me cough even more than before.

"I get the famous heartbreaker to fall in love and with that stopping the the player game" I say as takes my finger under his chin and making him look at me.

"K Deal" Justin says reaching out his hand and I shakes it.

"You know that we're basically gonna to pretend that we're dating?" I ask just to make sure.

"Baby, I will make the school next to ours know it" Justin says with a smirkg.

"Uh ok, it starts tomorrow" I say. Then leaving

'this is gonna be fun' I thought.

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